Take a Look Around, I'm Famous and You're Just Plain You

What would you do if your best friend became famous and left you behind? What would you do if three years later you meet him again and all the feelings come back? Will you ever get to be together or will something always get in the way? But most of all, can he fix the pain or will he just cause more?


2. Alexis, Omg Alexis Is That You

(Three years later)

I walked down my street with my ipod in and my head down. I was back in my hometown Holmes Chapel for the summer. It had been three years since I was last here. After my fight with Harry at his get-together thing, I got on a plane to Australia and haven't came back until today. I was only here for my sister Alexis' Wedding. 

I'm Sarah. I'm quite tall and I have long brown wavy hair. I have rich parents and we have a mansion-house thing which is right next door to the famous Harry Styles. I became a model over in Australia and I was living a pretty good life over there. Harry was my best friend of 15 years and he became famous because of the X-Factor, im sure you know the story. Well after the X-factor tour, him and the boys had a gathering at Harry's house with everyone that was close with the boys. I was invited too. Someone must've invited the biggest slut in our school and she started telling Harry lies and saying I slept with 10 guys while he was away because i was finally glad to get away from him. Which got Harry angry causing him to yell at me. So i left, I packed my bags and left. I haven't seen him since and I don't ever want to. 

Back in highschool, Harry and I would spend all our time together and I fell for him, although i was sure he never felt the same. My parents started fighting and ingnoring me then my brother was killed in a car accident so I stopped talking to everyone and I cut my wrists. It was meant to be my little escape from the pain that no one would ever find out about. One day Harry found out and he fixed me, he showed me he cared enough for me to stop myself. He was my whole world, i had no one left but him. My sister had moved away, my parents divorced leaving me with my dad, my brother was gone, I pushed away all of my friends, so I only had Harry.

Harry knew that it would break me if he ever left so he didn't tell me about the X-Factor until the day it aired and I didn't talk to him all through it until his gathering. That was the night I had officially left him.

So here I am three years later walking the streets of my hometown, memories flooding back into my brain causing tears to fall down my cheeks. I didn't have any bags on me. The plane flight was long and boring. I had caught a train into town and now I was walking toward my house. I had my hands stuffed into my red jack wills hoodie pockets, my tracksuit pants and vans on. I was dreading being back here. I knew Harry probably wouldn't be in town but I was terrified of ever seeing him again.

I had finally reached the black gates of my driveway. I looked at the sight behind the black bars. My huge house sitting there quietly. My long driveway with white cement. My black Porsche sitting in the same spot as when i left. The perfectly green grass. The big tree's and bushes rustling. My black piano still under the the white gazebo. With tears running down my cheeks I pushed open the gates and slipped through.

I ran over to my beloved piano. It was still as perfect as ever. The white keys still played their perfect tune. I started to play and all my thoughts drifted away. I was playing the recognisable tune of Rihanna's Unfaithful.

"I don't wanna do this anymore, I don't wanna be the reason why, everytime I walk out the door I see him die a little more inside, I don't wanna hurt him anymore, I don't wanna take away his life, I don't wanna be... A murderer " 

I sang the whole song putting my all into it, i knew people over in the park could hear me but who was I to care? I was feeling so much pain, it was tearing me apart inside and singing was the only way to get it out as I had no left to talk to.

I was sitting there alone for another five minutes when I heard a car coming up the drive. A red porsche. The car stopped and out got a girl that seemed familiar and a man i had never met. Then the girl looked around and I saw her face and realisation slapped me in the face.

"Alexis? Oh my god Lex! Is that you?" I called causing the girl to whip her head around in my direction and smile hugely. Then practically ran up to me. "Sarah! Its you! Its been how long? 5 years? Oh my god!" She squealed in delight and hugged me tightly. "Lexie, your so beautiful and is this the lucky man?" I squealed happily back. "Me? Beautiful? Hun, no way! Gem was telling me about how you became a covergirl model over in Aus! So i think your the beautiful one, i can't tell in those daggy clothes though! Oh and yes, this is James!" She smiled and pecked him on the lips, they looked at each other lovingly and i knew he was right for my sister. I hugged him and whispered into his ear "I give you permission to marry my sister, but please dont you dare break her heart!" He in return just smiled and said "I love her with all my heart." 

I then heard another car door open and out of it climbed someone I missed so much but was so confused to see.


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