if this was a movie

To Bentley love was one of those things that only exists in movies, that was until that one fateful day she met him, the one and only Niall Horan.


1. getting ready

"Rise and shine Bentley! We got a big day ahead of us!" My best friend Madison chirped happily while she ripped off my warm duvet.
I groaned in response and tried to cover my face with my pillow, only to have that taken from me too.
"Bentley. You have 5 seconds to get out of bed."

I knew that Madison wasn't gonna back down, so I reluctantly got up and stumbled my way to the bathroom. Today was the day that Madison has been pestering me about for the last 6 months. The one direction concert. I wasn't exactly a hater, I just wasn't obsessed. My favorite was the blonde haired one, what was his name again? ? Noel? Nathan? Nate? Niell? Niall! That's it. Yeah, I liked Niall. He was just adorable and so innocent looking.

I snapped myself out of my thoughts and striped myself of my pajamas and jumped into the hot shower.
I washed my long brown hair with my favorite blueberry secented shampoo , then washed my body with my vanilla body wash. Once I was satisfied, I hopped out of the shower and went to pick out my clothes. I picked out my outfit and web back into the bathroom to do my hair and make up.

2 hours later and Madison and I were finally finished. Madison had her blonde hair that reached to just above her bum done into perfect ringlets. She wore blue jeans with rips going down the leg, and floral ruffled tanktop, a black leather jacket and black high pumps. Her make up was done simply, mascara, foundation, black eyeliner and light link lipstick. Her green eyes looked goregous, all together She looked absolutely stunning as usual.

I wore a similar outfit, but more casual looking. I also wore ripped blue jeans, with a white flowey strapless shirt, a black leather jacket and black vans. i paired it with a long neckless with a black bird at the end. My long brown hair that also reached to about my bum was straightned out to perfection, my makeup was done causally. Foundation, mascara, thin black eyeliner, gray eyeshadow and light pink lipstick. The light make up made my bright blue eyes stand out even more than they already did.

"Madi, you look stunning!" I yelled, complimenting my goregous bestfriend. She laughed and smiled at me.

"So do you Bentley! Niall is gonna be all over you! I mean look at you!" I laughed at grabbed my white purse and through my basic nessideys like my phone, charger, gum, brush,pen and notebook, makeup and wallet.

"Ready babe?" I asked Madison, as I walked out of my bedroom.

"Ready as I'll ever be!" Madison chirped excitedly giving me a huge smile.

Tonight is going to be a night I won't forget, I can already tell.
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