Barry The Fish With Fingers

Look to find out!!!


1. The Whole Story

Puffy,the puffer fish,could blow the BEST bubbles ever. Others would come from miles around to see his show. Big bubbles, small bubbles, round bubbles, square bubbles - they had never seen anything like it until...They caught sight of Barry. Barry was no ordinary fish because Barry was a fish with fingers!

Soon everyone wanted to find out about him. "Barry, tell us what your fingers do!" they all asked.        "Well...."said Barry. "Fingers mean finger painting, knitting, cutting and finger puppets. Best of all fingers mean TICKLING!!!"

Everyone had great fun except from Puffy. He was sad. "Now nobody wants to watch my bubble-blowing show." he sighed "I hate Barry's fingers. They are really stupid!". So as Puffy was sulking the rest of the the fish were playing and messing about.

SPLASH! A box had dropped into the sea..... Puffy was directly under it. " Quick, Barry do something." cried the fish. That was when he did something amazing. He pointed it out to him and saved his life. Puffy promised to stop being mean and they then had a party. It was all fine after that.

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