Don't Leave Me

When Heather Mathis is abused at home and school until five boys changed her life forever..


1. Intro

My name is Heather Mathis. I'm 18 years old and well basiclly i get bullied at school and abused by my father at what people call "home". I'm 5"4 witch is pretty short for my age but then again my mother was short also so i guess i got that from her. I have hair that is dark brown but you can easily mistake it for black. I have hazel eyes. I don't really have any friends. I used to have one but she turned her back on me as soon as she began to become popular. Her name was Jamie. She now picks on me occasionly even though she knows i get abused at home. I started to cut myself freshaman year. I still am, I'm a senior now. I have an eating disorder because well, as people tell me, I'm fat. I tried igonoring the rude things people say and try to keep my father from hitting me by becoming a servant for him. Anyways, I'm going to admit it.. I love One Direction. Yup. They're the five boys he put a smile on my face after they say how beautiful i am. People found out that i love the british boy band and started making fun of them. I remember once Jamie took my realistic drawing of Niall and ripped it to shreds. Oh how i hated that bitch. but i can't do anything to stop her from calling me these disturbing names, I honestly wish i could just punch her in the face but.. i cant..
 Well now you know almost everything about me. And that's all im going to tell you..  

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