Don't Leave Me

When Heather Mathis is abused at home and school until five boys changed her life forever..


2. Chapter One

Heather's P.O.V
I woke up to my alarm clock saying 6:30AM i pushed the disable button and got out of bed. I walked into the bathroom and undressed myself. I stepped into the shower and started thinking about what Jamie and her friends would have in store for me today. I got the thought out of my head and started thinking of One Direction. They were amazingly flawless. I wrapped a towel around my naked shivering body. I walked to my room and changed. I put on normal jeans with a shirt that said Yeah Buddy! I put on my wore out converse and brushed my long brown hair. I picked up my school bag i've had for years and put it on my shoulder. I quietly walked outside my room and made sure I didn't wake my father up. I closed the door lightly and walked out of the jail sell called "home" i sighed not wanting to be here or at school. 
   As i arrived at school I quickly put away my cheap phone into my school bag, "Ew, look it's the ugly whore!" I heard someone blurt out. I heard laughing and the feel of a tear fall down my cheek. "Oh look, she's crying. Maybe if she cries enough she'll lose wait!" one of Jamie's copy cats said, "Oh please. She couldn't lose weight even if she tried!" Jamie replied laughing harder. I can't take it. I.. I have to stand up to her once and for all. I quickly wiped my tears and opened my mouth. I then shut it. I don't know what to say.. I looked down and ran to class not giving a single fuck about anything else. 
   Lunch came, I didn't eat. as if i ever do.. I got out my jornal and began writing,"Playground school bell rings again, rainclouds come to play again.. Has no one told you she's not breathing? hello.. I'm you're mind living for you so you can hide.."Is all i was able to write until the bell rang. I always loved that song.. 
  The rest of the day went as it usually did, people making fun of what i looked like ect. I walked home slowly thinking about what my dad would do if i just did suicide.. Hmmm... What's the use of living anyways? My life is already fucked up enough. Should.. should i just end it? I don't have anything to live for anyways.. Well i know one thing for sure is that i'm not going to do it at my house. Maybe i should jump of a cliff? What about the one close by the beach? PERFECT. but first i need to leave a note for my father to let him know what happened. I wrote it down and put it on the bench. I put my bag on the ground and walked to the beach. Not that many people here surprisingly. I walked over to the cliff. I heard beautiful waves of the ocean going back and forth. How lovely.. I closed my eyes and was about to jump until.. someone stopped me. "Hey!" i heard a familiar voice shout. I looked behind me and there he was.. Harry Styles. "W-what are you doing?" he asked very concerned. I looked down. Damn it Harry- WAIT A FUCKING SECOND. HOLY CRAP HARRY STYLES IS RIGHT THERE. SAY SOMETHING. NOW HE THINKS YOUR A FREAK. UGH. "I erm.." i honestly didn't know what to say. He grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the cliff. "Were you trying to kill yourself?" he asked with glassy eyes. I slowly nodded. I really didn't want to lie to him because.. I had no reason to. "Why?" he asked raising a brow. I gulped, can i really trust him? I sighed. "I get abused at home and bullied at school and figured if everyone hates me, i might as well just die.." i choked out. His eyes widened. "I'm so so sorry. But you don't need to kill yourself." he said." I looked up at him and saw how much he cared, almost as caring as my mum used to look before she passed in the car accident. "Why not?" i asked stupidly. "Because.. I-if you want you can live with me and the boys until you get back on your feet again." he said sweetly. I smiled at him, he was the first person who was nice to me for the passed 5 years. "Really?" i asked. "Yeah! We have a spare room and everything! You'll love it!" he said while flashing his famous smile at me. "Thanks!" I said happily. "Oh i forgot to ask you, What's your name love?" he asked. "Heather, Heather Mathis." I said trying to act cute. Don't know why honestly. "Nice to meet you Heather. I'm Harry, Harry Styles" he said being adorable as ever. "It's nice to meet you as well Harry." I smiled and knew I was no longer going to be abused as i was before... 

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