18 year old Casey Reed has a ruffed up life with her unsupportive mom, unkind dad, and a best friend crises. Casey does something very unexpected, leaving her alone on the cold streets of Colorado. Her Fortune soon changes after she meets a mysterious teen guy, who is also hiding something. This IS a one direction fanfic. Hope you read it and enjoy!


1. Questions with no answers

My mom has told me to pack two suit cases of clothes and valuables. I'm not really sure why, but mom said to be ready by 3:00. It's 2:00 right now and I still haven't done it. I took off my headphones, hopped off my bed, and went into my closet to pull out two suitcases. Are we moving? Vacation? Temporary home? Pack my Valuables? Sometimes my mom confuses me, but this really has me stumped. I wasn't sure if we were permanently moving, so I decided one suitcase for clothes and shoes, and one for valuables. Oh yeah, "we" means me and my mom. My brother and sister Live with there families, and dad lives alone in I think Utah or Colorado.( They have been divorced for a year, but let's not talk about that.) I slowly take the posters of one direction, Ariana Grande, and Selena Gomez off my wall and fold them up to fit in one corner if my suit case. I take my favorite outfits and shoes out of my closet and fold them nearly on my the bed. My room isn't very big, and is the same shade of light pink that I picked when I was seven. I have some pictures of me and my old dog, Brownie, in a box shoved under my bed, so I put the pictures in a sandwich bag to preserve space. I reach under my bed, when my hand hits it, a... Velvet box? What's this....
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