18 year old Casey Reed has a ruffed up life with her unsupportive mom, unkind dad, and a best friend crises. Casey does something very unexpected, leaving her alone on the cold streets of Colorado. Her Fortune soon changes after she meets a mysterious teen guy, who is also hiding something. This IS a one direction fanfic. Hope you read it and enjoy!


3. Colorado confusion

        Its a cold rainy day here in Chicago. Trees are swaying in the harsh wind, signs are blowing down( Ya know. The cheep paper signs that are poorly decorated with quality so low that the letters written in marker are runny and smudged) and mothers holding their children's hands, trying to pull them out of puddles of water and to not get the bottoms of their jeans soaked. I can hear the noise of the rain drops hitting the car roof. I'm sitting in the backseat, observing which of the two raindrops can get to the bottom of the window first, kinda like a race. Well, the rain racers are speeding down the track getting bigger as they collect more droplets stuck in place. Well, eventually both drops started to slide together and made one big drop bye the end of the race. "Where are we going?" Now I guess it didn't occur for me to ask that until it started snowing. The setting in the car that reads temperature said twenty-five degrees. " Colorado."
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