18 year old Casey Reed has a ruffed up life with her unsupportive mom, unkind dad, and a best friend crises. Casey does something very unexpected, leaving her alone on the cold streets of Colorado. Her Fortune soon changes after she meets a mysterious teen guy, who is also hiding something. This IS a one direction fanfic. Hope you read it and enjoy!


2. Box with no key.

I'm not sure what this box is. It looks like a box, with a smooth blue velvet cover. It has (Brass?) brackets connecting the top and bottom, a dark purple line running through the middle and out line of the box, and one the top off the mystery box is an, engraving?       
C.R. and NH. C.R. Stands for my name, Casey Rose, but who's NH? I once had a "friend" named Niki Hopper, but she always teased me and called me names. Once, she pantsed me in front of the whole cafeteria, luckily, I was wearing shorts under my sweatpants. She even stole my homework and dropped it in the fishbowl when mom made me invite her. She called it "hardcore catch with the fish," and I'm guessing the fish caught it before me because I had to stay in for lunch the next day at school. Now I notice something on the box, a lock, a thick, black, lock. With no keys.
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