Foolishly completely fallen

Life can be pretty crazy when your twin brother happens to be Liam Payne, and your touring around the world with them. And to make it crazier you've kind of got a huge crush on your best friend, who happens to be in Liam's band... Yeh that's my life right now. Charlotte Payne, that's me or Charlie as the boys tend to call me. People who don't know me compare me to Liam and think i'm just like him, when in all honesty were almost complete opposites. Really the only similarities were our eyes and hair color. Some think i'm using his fame, other's think i'm an annoying girl with the perfect life. When there's four people who know the truth about what keeps me up at night in fear. And why there are bruises scattered all over my body. There's only four people who i can trust with everything. When my life is everything far from perfect. Maybe i'll be able to finally trust another person enough to open up about my scary secrets and possibly find love along the way...


7. Chapter 7 ☆ the unknown

Idek what the fuck happened with this chapter. Idk if i even like it. like it was all cute at the start and them wtf did i just do. idk leave your comments down below of what you think, ik its short but its 2:01 right now and im tired so hope you enjoy. and the first part, most of that was based on a coversation i had about an hour ago with my friend justine who yelled at me because i annoy her while she writes updates for her fic and she told me she was gonna stop writing so i told her i was going to kill her character off like gets hit by a bus, or fell of a clifff ok more like pushed but you get the picture. but she told me i should see a psychiatrist because of my starburst addiction. <3 love ya justine! thanks for commenting liking fanning and favoriting

<3 bee


Charlie’s P.O.V.

“Quit it”

“Ow, stop it”


“Charlie don’t make me come over there”


“CHARLIE FOR FUCKS SAKE STOP THROWING STARBURST AT ME” and that was when all the starbursts came flying back at my head.

“OW”I pouted at Justine who sat across from me glaring daggers at me and throwing the starbursts she had missed, when she made her attack, back at me.

“well what did you expect me to do, just let you bruise me with starbursts? Ha. No.”

“But Justine…” I whined laying my head on the table. “My teeth hurt. It’s all your fault. You’re the one who got me the bloody starburst. I told you I don’t eat candy but noooo, you get me a big bag and go ‘here you go thought you deserved some cavities! LOVE YA!’.”

Before Justine could even open her mouth to retort I was groaning once again. “And there aren’t even the good ones left. I ate those like 3 hours ago. Currently working on the orange ones. I think I can only chew on one side too.”

“good, you deserve it”

“urrghhhhhh, ok nope cant chew on that side either. Screw it I’ll suffer through the pain.”

“You know what, I think you have a problem” Justine said reaching for the bag of starburst I had cradled near my head on the table. There were pink and yellow starburst wrappers all over the floor along with a decent amount of orange ones and a few red ones scattered here and there.

“NO!” I mumbled half-heartedly slapping her hand away. And buh-bye sugar high.

“Charlie. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.” She says with a smirk evident on her lips, taking the bag from my hands.

“MY BABIES!” I yelled, my head shooting up from the table, reaching across with the ‘gimme gimme’ baby hands. And the sugar rush was back.

“Charlie I think you should see a psychiatrist about this.”

“JUSTINNNNEEE PLEEASEEE” I wail pouting my lip and batting my lashes very over dramatically. So okay maybe I did have a problem. Starbursts were kind of my go to drug. Like I don’t eat candy and when I do, I eat starbursts. I don’t eat just one; I eat them till I feel like I’ll be sick afterwards. It’s like I physically can’t stop when I start eating them. I only like the pink and the yellow ones but then the red and orange ones look all sad and lonely and there like why don’t you eat me? Why don’t you like me? And I feel obligated to so I slowly make my way through them till I feel like my teeth are going to rot off. Note the current situation I’m in. I mean I think I deserved to have them; I haven’t had them in a very long time. YES two days is a very long time, okay leave me alone. No one asked you to judge me.

Then Justine eyes go wide and a knowing look crosses her face.

“Don’t even think about it Charlie”

“Too late. Already thought about it!” I yell diving across the table.

“AHHH!” Justine screams as she slides out of her seat and makes a break for the door. I roll off the table and tumble to the floor.

“SHIT! IM OKAY IM OKAY!” I yell scrambling to my feet after I nearly slam my head on the ground. Justine didn’t even seem to notice because she was already out the door. I rush out the door after her, seeing her pounding on one of the boys doors.

“NIALL!!! OHMYFREAKINGGOD! NIALL HORAN OPEN THIS DOOR! QUICK!! AHHH! SHES COMING!” And then the door opens, a very confused and clearly just woken up Niall stood in the doorway. Justine ran in the room slamming the door shut behind her. How rude.

“JUSTINE! GIVE ME MY STARBURST!”I yell banging on the door.

“NO!” comes her retort through the door.


“no.” comes his reply

I suck in a shocked breath. “TRAITOR!”

“Niall open this door right now!” I continuously bang on the door yet no reply comes.

“Umm… what are you doing?”

My head swings around to the voice that came from behind me. Zayn. A big smile forms on my lips.

“Nothing, can you take me to go get some candy?” I ask saying the last part a bit louder.

“Yeah sure no prob-“ The door swings open, Justine yelling at Zayn.


“Ignore her come on” I laugh grabbing his hand and pulling him down the hallway with me. He has a look of confusion on his face as Justine continues to yell at him to not buy me any candy and her groaning and banging her head on the door.

“What was that” He laughs as we enter the elevator.

“Oh, nothing” I smile over at him.

“Ok” he chuckles at the end “if I’m taking you to get some candy were going to talk to.”

Great. Just great. See it’s been 2 days since Zayn asked me to talk and I’ve been kind of avoiding him/ getting out of it last minute every time he tries to talk to me about what happened.

“yeah.. Okay… fine” I sigh as the elevator doors open and we step out into the lobby. Zayn holds out his hand for me to take. I let him take my hand in his holding it tightly as one of our security guards follows silently behind us. A few other guards try to help us get out of the hotel and through the crowd of waiting fans and paparazzi. Flashes go off everywhere, questions thrown left and right. A small throb starts In my head as we try to make it through the crowd that only seems to grow louder and louder and by size every few seconds. The flashes are almost blinding my now. Zayn’s grip on my hand almost feels like I’m losing circulation to my fingers.

And the throbbing gets worse, I can’t hear anything besides the overwhelming *thump* *thumpthump* *thump*. Black dots begin swimming in my vision, my legs feel like spaghetti, like I can’t take another step without collapsing. I feel dizzy like I’m going to vomit any second.

And then everything goes black.

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