Foolishly completely fallen

Life can be pretty crazy when your twin brother happens to be Liam Payne, and your touring around the world with them. And to make it crazier you've kind of got a huge crush on your best friend, who happens to be in Liam's band... Yeh that's my life right now. Charlotte Payne, that's me or Charlie as the boys tend to call me. People who don't know me compare me to Liam and think i'm just like him, when in all honesty were almost complete opposites. Really the only similarities were our eyes and hair color. Some think i'm using his fame, other's think i'm an annoying girl with the perfect life. When there's four people who know the truth about what keeps me up at night in fear. And why there are bruises scattered all over my body. There's only four people who i can trust with everything. When my life is everything far from perfect. Maybe i'll be able to finally trust another person enough to open up about my scary secrets and possibly find love along the way...


6. Chapter 6 ☆ finally

HEY EVERYONE. so i got inspiration to write for this story, so i had to write an update so here you go! and be sure to check out my contest in my coming soon story Don't you ever change

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Charlie’s P.O.V.

The days drifted by slowly. Inching closer and closer to the day Payton and Justine would be here. I was counting down every minute till they would be here. Zayn had been steadily avoiding me, while Liam couldn’t seem to leave me the hell alone, trying to be as nice as possible. And Niall was being, well Niall. He was helping me get through the week from hell that seemed to drag on forever.

It wouldn’t be long till they would be here. 2 hours to be exact. And I could tell I wasn’t the only one getting anxious. Harry had been acting weird all day. He was oddly quiet and just seemed all around nervous. He really, truly cared about Payton so much more than he let on. And if you asked him he would deny it, although we could all tell he was lying. He was terrible at lying. Harry was honestly the easiest person to read. His emotions always showed on his face. You could tell when he was upset or happy. He was like an open book, no matter how much he wanted it to stay closed. Payton could make him a mess in a second. She had him in the palms of her hands. He would do anything for her. He was so in love, it was almost too painful to watch. His love stricken expression whenever she was on one of the celebrity gossip shows, or the heartbroken look that came upon his face whenever she was seen with another man. The jealously and anger was so clearly seen on his face.

If you mentioned her name, it was like a tsunami of emotions took over him. His face becoming painfully obvious of his feelings towards her. He really did love her. No matter how many times the media portrayed him as a womanizer or a manwhore, they didn’t know that the only person he cared about was her. Or that he hadn’t slept with or kissed anyone since her. He couldn’t do it. She still had his heart, and it was obvious he wasn’t getting it back anytime soon.

The worst of it came when Payton got a new boyfriend. Daniel was his name. The rumors spread quickly during the middle of June of ‘Payton Taylor’s new man?’ and ‘Payton’s new beau?’  With a picture of Payton leaving a club with this tall guy with a wide smile, and then pictures of them became popping up everywhere. Every new place the tour took them, he was there beside her. As Payton steadily ignored all of the questions thrown at her about her new beau Daniel, people learned more and more about him, being the nosy people they are, they dug up everything they could find about him. He was a theatre student from some top school in London. He also sang and danced. He was currently on summer holiday, so he was spending it with her.

Of course, I had found out a lot of the details about their relationship when I had face timed her the day after the first picture came out. She told me how she needed to move on. She couldn’t keep feeling down, and just alone. The break up hit her hard. It was hard for her to talk about it. It was hard for both of them. She told me how she had quite literally bumped into him in a small café just outside of Manchester. She had spilled her tea all over his jeans, and he had just laughed it off. Telling her it was no problem at all. She apologized at least a dozen times, until he had laid a hand on her shoulder sending her a dazzling smile telling her it was okay. She said they then spent the next 2 hours talking and getting to know each other. She said and I quote“ His eyes were like melted dark chocolate shining under the sun” with a wistful smile and a small sigh. She told me about how they had spent the week together in between concerts and interviews. She had then invited him to join her own tour, and he gladly accepted. And the whole story gets even more detailed every time she tells it. And she was happy. I could tell she was happy again, and I guess that was all that really mattered to me. I knew all of this, and how he treated her so well, and took care of her and made her happy after such a long time of being unhappy, but Harry didn’t know that.

He only knew what the media told him, and when she admitted in an interview that her and Daniel were officially a couple, he… well, he didn’t take it to well. He kind of took his anger and pain out on everyone. And he sulked, and cried. He cried a lot. He mostly stayed in his room for a whole week after the announcement. Whenever he came out of his room we would all try to distract him from everything, and it usually lasted for a few hours until he would remember, and he would sulk and head back to his room. After about 2 weeks he became a little better at acting like he was okay, and that we didn’t have to worry about him. Although we still did, we tried to make it easier on him.

So to say the least Harry missed her so much and couldn’t wait to see her, but then again I don’t think he was too excited considering Daniel would be coming with her. This was going to be hard on him.

 We had convinced security to let us all go and wait for them at the terminal. Even though we wouldn’t just have to hide/be protected from Directioners but also Payton’s fan base. When we arrived at the airport there was paps everywhere.  And as soon as they caught sight of us, the flashes began going off, questions thrown left and right. They were going ballistic, but with help of security we had gotten through without much trouble. Well besides for when a photographer grabbed onto my wrist trying to get me to answer a question. Zayn had nearly punched the guy in the face when he tightened his grip on me to get an answer. But security quickly stopped him and thrown the guy off if me. Zayn then kept a tight grip on my waist as we made our way inside. I don’t know why he did it, but I felt safe. He could protect me.

Our security along with airport security helped us get through to the terminal fairly quickly. We sat in the slightly comfortable chairs for a mere hour before the plane finally landed. Zayn sat silently on my right, and Niall on the left. It took maybe 15 minutes until people were un-boarding the plane. I stood up trying to catch sight of either of the girls. It almost seemed useless, as more and more people came off that weren’t either of them.

And then we saw her. Justine was pulling a backpack closer to her body, while pulling her hair up into a messy bun. She was in sweats and a tee-shirt. She had very clearly just woken up, seeing as she was yawning and stretching her arms above her head.

“JUSTINE!” I screamed running towards her.

Her eyes lit up when she saw me running towards her and a wide smile made its way onto her lips, as we raced towards each other. We met in the middle in a bear hug, laughter tumbling from our lips.

“I’m so happy your back” I said into her shoulder.

Justine tightened her grip around my shoulders while saying just as quietly, “Are you okay?”

“I am now” I said smiling up at her. Looking over Justine’s shoulder I could see a very sleepy strawberry blond headed girl being carried off of the plane, on the back of a tall guy. They were laughing quietly and then the girl looked up. And that’s when I caught sight of crystal blue eyes. Payton. And then I was breaking from Justine’s hug, and she was jumping off the guys back, and we were running towards each other. It was just as tight as Justine’s. As I pulled back she grabbed the guy’s hand and pulled him over to us.

“This is Daniel.” She said with a smile.

“Hi, you must be Charlie, I’ve heard so much about you.” He said with a polite smile, sticking out his hand.

“You are correct” I laughed shaking his hand. “I’ve heard a lot about you too, but that doesn’t mean you have my approval yet” I said with a mock-stern look.

“I’ll be getting it soon” He laughed

“Oh, well someone’s a bit cocky I see”

“Well-“He was cut off by the rest of the guys joining us and introducing themselves. They all chatted for a little while, while harry stayed silent beside me, his hands stuffed into his jean pockets, his eyes casted down to the floor.

After that we were whisked away by security back to the waiting vans. Security had already gotten their bags, and we were piling into the vans in no time. I was sat in the back stuffed between Zayn and Justine. Harry was sat in between Louis and Liam in front of us. Niall was next to Justine having a small conversation with her. Payton and Danielle were sat in front of Louis, Harry and Liam.

I saw Justine smile a really small smile as Niall laughed loudly. Payton was dozing in and out of sleep on Daniel’s shoulder and Liam and Louis were trying to distract Harry. So that left me and Zayn.

I felt a weight on my hand, and looked down to see Zayn lacing his fingers with mine. He squeezed my hand ran his thumb back and forth over the back of my hand. I slowly looked up and saw Zayn looking down at our hands with a shy smile on his face.

“Can we- umm can we talk when we get back to the hotel…?” he asked shyly looking up at me. I gave him a slow nod, and his smile seemed to widen. He looked around us and when he saw no one was paying us any attention he leant over and left a small peck on my slack lips. A blush began to make its way on up my neck and to my cheeks as I ducked my head from Zayn’s gaze.

I didn’t know what had gotten into Zayn, I mean he’s been avoiding me for a week. And all of a sudden he’s holding my hand and kissing me? What is it that Zayn even wants to talk about? What is so important that he had to avoid me for a week?

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