Foolishly completely fallen

Life can be pretty crazy when your twin brother happens to be Liam Payne, and your touring around the world with them. And to make it crazier you've kind of got a huge crush on your best friend, who happens to be in Liam's band... Yeh that's my life right now. Charlotte Payne, that's me or Charlie as the boys tend to call me. People who don't know me compare me to Liam and think i'm just like him, when in all honesty were almost complete opposites. Really the only similarities were our eyes and hair color. Some think i'm using his fame, other's think i'm an annoying girl with the perfect life. When there's four people who know the truth about what keeps me up at night in fear. And why there are bruises scattered all over my body. There's only four people who i can trust with everything. When my life is everything far from perfect. Maybe i'll be able to finally trust another person enough to open up about my scary secrets and possibly find love along the way...


15. Chapter 15 ☆ behind the camera once again.

Charlie’s P.O.V.

I must had fallen asleep last night while Zayn and I were watching Jersey Shore because I didn’t remember anything after that. When I had woken up I had found a piece of paper on the nightstand next to my bed.


Morning Love! Sorry I’m not there

to kiss you good morning,

the boys and I have interviews

scheduled all this morning. And

honestly you look way to cute asleep

to even think about waking up.

But I’ll see you later today before the

concert I promise!

xxxx Zayn

P.s. I love you <3


I blushed as I read over Zayn’s messy scrawl, with a small smile. I set the note back down on the table and slid out of the bed. I took a quick shower and changed into a pair of skinny jeans and a t-shirt. I put my makeup on and did my hair before I finally slipped out of the room.

I thought about going back to my room and ordering room service for breakfast as I wandered down the hallway. But as I pulled my phone out of my pocket and checked the time, which was 11:21, I nearly ran straight into Justine.

Justine grabbed my arm to steady both of us and before I could even open my mouth to thank her, she was already talking. “Where have you been? I’ve been looking for you all day”

“Umm…” I started dumbly, “…I was sleeping. Did you think to check my room?”

Justine’s mouth hung open before she gave a frustrated grunt and shook her head ‘no’ to answer my question. I shook my head with a small chuckle, lightly tapping her shoulder.

“Why were you looking for me?” I asked confused after everything she said registered in my mind.

It seemed in that moment all the blood in her body rose to her cheeks as she looked around us to make sure we were alone. There was a bodyguard standing by the elevators talking on his phone, but besides that the hallway was empty from anyone else.

I let out a frustrated groan because she seemed to not be budging at all. I grabbed her wrist and tugged her down the hallway to my room. I pushed her inside and shut the door behind us. I turned back around and she was lying face first into the mattress. The bed dipped slightly when I sat down next to her.

“Come on Justine, whatever it is, it can’t be that bad.” I said calmly, lightly placing my hand on her shoulder.

Justine started talking rapidly but nothing was coherent because her voice was muffled by the pillow her head was buried in.

“What? I can’t understand a word you’re saying” I said frustrated.

Justine groaned loudly into the pillow, lifting her face up slightly. “It’s Niall.” She said with a groan.

I raised an eyebrow at her, “what about Niall?” I said a bit curious yet defensive. That boy was my rock, no matter how long I knew Justine. I didn’t know what I’d do without Niall.

“He’s giving me so many mixed signals” She whined. I let out a small breath of relief, although I’ll never admit that I did. I knew how much Niall cared about her and he’d be absolutely crushed if she didn’t feel the same way anymore and had a change of heart.

“I have no idea how he feels about me, I can’t tell anymore” she complained. My eyebrows furrowed as she continued talking.

“He was all fidgety on our date yesterday. He wasn’t the same. He didn’t even kiss me goodbye, just fidgeted some more, hugged me then kissed my cheek. Nothing special, that’s how he says goodbye to you even.” She ranted. I understood every word, and I shook my head with a small sigh.

“You guys are unbelievable.” I mumbled under my breath as I stood up. “Justine don’t worry about it, he’s just nervous. He’ll come around. I’ll talk to him, okay?”

She looked up from where her face was previously squished into a pillow, “okay”


The concert had gone just swimmingly, only a few lyric changes and Harry hadn’t been hit by a flying shoe, like at a previous show. So we considered it progress when a teddy bear hit his knee, not causing any damage at all.

It was also the concert that I finally got back behind the camera at. I was at a bit of unease at first with the mob of girls surrounding me with only a barrier separating them from me and the stage. Paul stayed with me so I could get into the hang of things again. The boys didn’t really notice me moving around snapping pictures of them until after their first quick change, and they started twitter questions. Well to be more exact, Louis was the first one to notice me. I hadn’t noticed at first because I had been staring though the view finder on my camera and snapping pictures of Niall and Harry goofing off. When I moved the camera to focus on Zayn. I noticed Louis in the corner of my view, standing stiff as stone, pulling funny faces at me. I snapped a quick few photos, before lowering the camera and nudging Paul with my elbow and pointing towards Louis as I let out a cackle of laughter and my lips spread into a wide smile. Paul chuckled from beside me, Louis’ on lips quirked into a wide grin as he realized I noticed him.

The other boys were already answering another twitter question as Louis finally looked away from me, and back towards the boys. They began to goof around and act like their normal selves.

My camera seemed to land and stay on Zayn. Constantly being drawn to him. The majority of the show. Which explained the embarrassing amount of pictures I had taken of him, that I found later after the concert was over.

I had caught Niall’s attention shortly after Louis looked away. He grinned widely and blew me an overdramatic kiss. I chuckled and pretended to catch it and place it on my cheek. Niall’s overdramatics caught the rest of the boy’s attention, which made them look in my direction as I pretended to swoon and Niall chuckled into his microphone. And for the rest of the concert the boys continued to pose overdramatically and in the most awkward yet hilarious positions for me to take pictures of.

After the encore was over Paul led me backstage and away from the screaming girls. My head was pounding from how loud it was. The sound seemed to disappear as the backstage door closed behind us. I let Paul lead me through the winding hallways, as I rubbed at my temples.

I could tell when we passed the boys’ dressing room because there were cheers coming from inside and I could pick out each of their voices from behind the door. But Paul led me over to where a few other bodyguards were.

“Wait here, I’m going to go get the boys and get you an aspirin for your head.” He said and before I could respond he was walking right back down the hall and into the boys’ dressing room.  

I made small talk with the guards while I flipped through all the pictures I took. I felt a small tap on my shoulder and when I looked up, Paul handed me a bottle of water and an aspirin. The boys were all stood behind Paul in sweats and t-shirts. I swallowed the pill quickly and smiled a thanks to Paul. I handed off my camera to one of the other photographers the boys had that did the editing of all the photos. Niall laid his arm across my shoulders and we walked out of the building and Paul led us to the car.

When we finally got back to the hotel and into the elevator, Zayn wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and pulled me into his chest. He pressed a kiss to the back of my head, and I leant into his touch. I placed my hands on top of his on my waist. As the floor numbers rose, Zayn and I swayed slightly and the others yawned along with us. All of us were tired from the long night. Zayn and I ended up just leaving the others and heading to my room, slipping inside.

“I liked the note you left me this morning,” I smiled towards him. He leant over and pressed a smiling to kiss to my forehead.

“Now come give me a cuddle, I’m proper knackered” Zayn yawned, slipping under the covers of the bed. I obliged and that was how we fell asleep, wrapped up in each others arms, with one last whispered “I love you too” from me and a soft kiss from Zayn.


“How much longer until Jay’s plane arrives?” Payton whined with a slight yawn, sat in Daniel’s lap.

“5 minutes” he grinned, his knee bouncing excitedly.

It was around 3 in the morning, we were waiting in the airport for Daniel’s friend to get here. I was dozing off slightly with my head on Zayn’s shoulder and his arm around my back. Niall was next to me with Justine in the same position as I. Harry and Louis were on the other side of Zayn. Louis wasn’t even awake and Harry seemed to be just as awake and antsy as Daniel. Once we got Daniel’s friend we would be getting back on the tour bus to head to our next hotel for the next show.

There was a crackle over the intercom and an announcement was made that flight 1084 from Heathrow airport had landed and was now de-boarding. Which I assume was Daniel’s friend’s flight because Daniel slid Payton out of his lap and started looking wildly around the gate as people started to trickle out. We all stood up with Daniel, well besides Louis who was still asleep. And then the next thing we noticed was Daniel smiling widely and almost running over to someone, embracing them in a tight hug. It was hard to see though with the crowd of people, but they soon made their way over to us. Daniel had his arm wrapped around the person’s shoulder. Harry seemed to tense greatly as Daniel introduced us to his friend with a large gleeful smile.

“Everyone, this is Jason. Jason this is everyone”

“Hi everyone…” He awkwardly waved with a weary smile.


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