Foolishly completely fallen

Life can be pretty crazy when your twin brother happens to be Liam Payne, and your touring around the world with them. And to make it crazier you've kind of got a huge crush on your best friend, who happens to be in Liam's band... Yeh that's my life right now. Charlotte Payne, that's me or Charlie as the boys tend to call me. People who don't know me compare me to Liam and think i'm just like him, when in all honesty were almost complete opposites. Really the only similarities were our eyes and hair color. Some think i'm using his fame, other's think i'm an annoying girl with the perfect life. When there's four people who know the truth about what keeps me up at night in fear. And why there are bruises scattered all over my body. There's only four people who i can trust with everything. When my life is everything far from perfect. Maybe i'll be able to finally trust another person enough to open up about my scary secrets and possibly find love along the way...


13. Chapter 13 ☆ My girl


So... this chapter is kind of short, and im extremely unhappy with it. I dont know. What do you guys think of it? do you like how the plots going? i dont know. Ive had a fairly stressful day but i dont know. Ill post another chapter this weekend, i might just rewrite this one, what do you guys think i should do? also go check out my tumblr for my fics . I also made new covers for my fics, and i let you guys in on a little secret. Ive already started planning the plots of the two fics im going to be doing once i finish two of the ones i have right now. There is going to be a louis fic with the possible title being My kiss can mend your broken heart and a Harry fic with the possible title Across the Pond. Which shouldnt be too surprising of who the fics are about because they are the only two guys i havent written a fic about yet. but yeah, please check out my other two fics, Dont you ever change - a liam fic and Reality Ruined My Life - a niall fic. I love getting your guys' feedback so please let me know what you think! Also thank you for reading! 

<3 bee


Charlie’s P.O.V.

 The room went eerily silent. I breathed heavily, and gripped Zayn’s shoulders tightly.

“What?” Liam said breaking the silence, looking stunned.

“Y-you heard me.” I stuttered “D-don’t touch me. I-I remember what you did to me. You acted like nothing ever happened. I-I trusted you, when I shouldn’t.”

“Charlie, wait, you’ve got it all wrong-” Liam began.

“No, I really don’t. You’re the reason I’m the way I am. You’re the reason I have scars all over my body. You’re the cause of my abuse.” I gritted out, from behind clenched teeth.

“Charlie, just let me explain” He desperately tried again, his eyes wide and pleading.

“Get away from me. I hate you. You hurt me.” I yelled, more tears tumbling down my cheeks.

“Please, Charlie” Liam said rubbing his hands over his face exasperatedly, tears welling up in his own eyes.

“No. I can’t trust you” I snarled. Before Liam could get another word out, Paul had grabbed him by the shoulder and silently dragged him out of the room. He protested as Paul kept a firm grip on his arm.

Zayn’s P.O.V.

Everyone remained silent as they argued. I looked over to Paul and mouthed to him to get Liam out of here. He shortly did just that. I pulled on Charlie to pull her back into my chest, she didn’t fight me. She obligated, tears silently rolling down her cheeks. Each one quickly chasing the other, as if it was a race to fall first. She was sat sideways in my lap. The side of her cheek was resting on my shoulder, her breath fanning out over my collar bone. My arms were wrapped around her middle, as hers were around mine.

I looked over her head at the concerned faces. I shook my head, mouthing to them that I’d take care of it. They all slowly started to disperse back to the front of the bus and the very back room. Daniel had to drag a reluctant Payton out of the room, who dragged Justine with her. Harry Watched Payton’s and Daniel’s back with a burning fury in his eyes before trudging out of the room to the front of the bus. Louis went after Harry. Niall was reluctant to leave and lingered, chewing on his fingernails and a concerned look etched on to his face.

“Niall, it’s fine, I’ve got this.” I said trying to reassure him. He was still reluctant but finally nodded his head and carefully walked out of the bunk room. I looked back down to Charlie, to find her asleep on my chest. Her eyes shut tightly and her mouth open slightly. Her breath coming out in a steady pace, fanning out over my chest. Her tear stained cheeks were a flushed red. I leant back and pulled her closer, keeping a secure grip on her. This was my girl, and I wanted to protect her from her memories, her past, everything.


“Hey Zayn?” I tilted my head over the back of the couch to Charlie, who was walking into our hotel room. She stood in the doorway for a few seconds shifting from foot to foot and wringing her hands together. It had been a day since the whole incident. We were at our hotel now and had another concert tonight before we left for our next venue.

“Yeah?” I asked. She stepped further into the room and moved to cautiously sit down beside me.

“I-I have something to tell you” She said looking down at her lap, fiddling with her hands. I reached over and placed my hand over hers and gave it a reassuring squeeze.

“Whatever it is, everything will be okay” I said giving her a half smile.

“I-I remembered… I remembered a lot of things… But not the important ones.” She mumbled. I opened my mouth do reply with a large smile, but she stood up and started pacing the room.

“I remembered all of these stupid little details about all of the lads, and you. All of these little puzzle pieces that made you guys, you guys. And all this other stuff up to before the tour started. And then it’s a blank. Like I can’t think of anything that happened from before the tour started to now.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with us. What are we? What are we doing? You’re going to tell me the truth, because I swear to god, if another person lies to me and hides what actually happened. I’m done, I’m leaving.” She stopped her pacing to stare at me.

“Well… were not really dating to begin with…” I said looking down at my lap. “We… We kissed a couple weeks back. And we were going to talk about the day you had your accident…” She breathed out a sigh and looked down at the floor.

“Charlie.” I said standing up. I took her hands in mine. “But I want to be, so badly. But you had your accident and I didn’t know what to do. I was so scared. I want to be your boyfriend. I want you to be my girlfriend. I don’t want to lose you, you hold a large part of my heart” I said looking down at the ground.

I felt her take her hand out of my grip, she reached up and tilted my head up. She ran her hand over my cheek and I looked into her eyes. There were a few tears rolling down her cheeks but there was a small smile attached to her lips. “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear” She smiled, leaning up on her tip toes and wrapping her other arm over my shoulder and around my neck, my own arms wrapping around her waist pulling her close. She closed the distance between us and connected our lips. I was finally feeling the lips I had missed and had been dying to touch since the first time. That I couldn’t get enough of. Back on my own. I smiled and pulled her closer, tightening my arms around her. This was my girl. My girlfriend. Charlie is my girlfriend and I’m her boyfriend. I loved the sound of that. This girl stole my heart.

Justine’s P.O.V.

Payton was lying on my bed in my hotel suite. Her head hanging off the foot of the bed, upside down might I add. Her phone held over her face as she rapidly texted out reply after reply on twitter. I dug through my suitcase searching for something to wear.

“You should wear your red dress” Payton said from behind me, not even bothering to look up from her phone. I dug through the bag and pulled the dress out.

“Go change, I’ll do your hair and makeup when you’re done.” She said hitting send on her phone and looking over at me. I nodded and went to the bathroom. I threw on my dress and looked at myself in the mirror. I did a spin then cursed Payton for having such good fashion advice. Niall and I were going on our date today, and Payton was determined to make it perfect. When I stepped back out into the bedroom Payton was already going through my makeup. She was singing a song under her breath and sure enough when I sat down in the chair she had put out for me I caught a few of the lyrics.

“Hello, my name is, nice to meet you. I think your famous, where have I seen you? You’ll be my William, I’ll be your Kate” I grinned and stifled a chuckle to myself, she had been listening to the song all week on repeat and couldn’t get it out of her head.

She put foundation and blush on me, before putting eye shadow over my lids and mascara on my lashes. She did my hair in a few braids leading to a bun at the nape of my neck on my left side. While I was thanking her there was a knock at my door. Payton grinned widely and called out “It’s open!” In strolled Niall, he was in a pair of chinos and a nice button up.  He held a rose in his hand and he smiled widely when he saw me.

“You look beautiful” He said handing the rose to me. I took it and slipped my pair of black flats on. He intertwined his fingers with mine as Payton yelled at him to have me back by ten making me blush ha scarlet as she acted as if I was her child and her my mother.

“Payton go bother Daniel, we’ll be back whenever we want” I laughed as Niall pulled me out the door.

Harry’s P.O.V.

He had no idea what was coming for him.  Only 4 more days, and Payton would be mine again. I could wait that long, but not a day longer. He doesn’t stand a chance with what I have planned.

Liam’s P.O.V.

My leg bounced up and down as I nervously chewed on my fingernails. How the hell was I supposed to fix this? We were just starting to be civil, now its ten times worse than the beginning of it. I’m so screwed.

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