Chosen One

Sarah has been trying her whole life to forget about her past with her ex boyfriend Josh. She's been rising to The top as a dancer at Rising Stars. But then the famous One Direction come to search for one talented dancer to go on tour with them and she feels herself falling for one member......


3. Time To Shine

I step up to the center of the studio and nod at Mrs Debra. Seconds later "Beauty and the Beat" starts playing and I break out into my moves. I do each spin jump and pose perfectly. I end the routine with a triple pirrourette and give a wide smile. "Nice Job" Niall said. I loved his Irish accent. Next was the chosen songs. When it's my turn the members choose " I Want" by them. I know this song well and perform moves that fit the songs tempo. "Great job girls now give us five minutes to decide please." Zayn said once everyone had gone. We all trudged to the locker area and what feels like a minute later we are called back in. "The winner isssss....... Sarah!" I gasped at what Louis had just said. I stepped forward. "Congrats to everyone else you all did amazing." Liam assured. After all the girls had gone they turn to me. "Here's a list of everything you need to take Sarah," said Harry. "We leave two days from now. Meet us here" I nod. "Thank you all soo much!" I turnned and sprinted to the car. Once I got home I read the papers. I would go all the way to Australia! I quickly pack my things and tell my mom. "Oh be careful honey," she said worrily. "I will I roll my eyes but give her a hug. The days drag by before it's time to meet the guys!
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