Chosen One

Sarah has been trying her whole life to forget about her past with her ex boyfriend Josh. She's been rising to The top as a dancer at Rising Stars. But then the famous One Direction come to search for one talented dancer to go on tour with them and she feels herself falling for one member......


4. Official Introductions

I enter the studio and walk up to the boys. Liam greets me. "Ello Sarah Im Liam and this is Louis Harry Niall and Zayn." The boys all wave and flash me megawatt smiles. " Alright so which it the first stop?" There was dead silence before Harry said "um California in two days" I nod and Niall hands me the choreography to learn. He gives me a adorable smile but I turn away. I am so not falling for a celebrity. "We are gonna have alot of fun on the road together." Louis laughs. "Well I think I will just stick to learning my choreography" I hold up the papers. "Aww come one" Nial whines."Boys are new mission is to teach this girl the meaning of fun!" Harry declares. "But anyway it's time to go. The tour bus for the dancers and staff is full so you will ride with of us." "Alright" I'm gonna have to be cautious. We all climb aboard the bus and the boys sprawl out on the sofas. I perch on the edge of a couch. "So Sarah do you have a lova?!" Louis joked. "No" I mutter. "Ahhh she's single boys!" All the guys crack up and I see Zayn catch me a glance. Does he like me? Soon we are on the road and we are all getting to know each other. When we reach the hotel I'm comfortable with them.Last one in has to sleep on the floor!" I call and race in. All the boys trample after me and Niall comes puffing up last. "Aww sorry mate" Harry prs on a pouty face. "So Sarah I think we all know who has a crush on you" Louis Grins. "Who?" I glance at Zayn. He sees me watching him and he looks away. "Niall!" I spin and see Niall's face get red. "Is that true?" I say, my heart pounding faster. "Yeah your..cute" Niall says. I smile but my mind goes back to Josh and I shake it away. "Alright Harry and Liam in one room, Zayn and Louis in one room, and then Niall and Sarah." Paul, their producer, says. All th boys go "Awww" and I stomp into my-no our- room. Niall takes the bed closest to the door and I take the one by the window. "So what do you think of me? Niall asks. "Your a cute singer" I say. Niall smiles but I say "but I'm not looking for a relationship,ive been hurt too bad. "Aww love I'm sorry. But the only way to heal a broken heart is to let someone in to heal it." I shrug and go to bed, but my brain keeps replaying the words.
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