Chosen One

Sarah has been trying her whole life to forget about her past with her ex boyfriend Josh. She's been rising to The top as a dancer at Rising Stars. But then the famous One Direction come to search for one talented dancer to go on tour with them and she feels herself falling for one member......


5. I'm Falling for You.....?

In the morning I see Niall dressed and on his laptop. I get up and wordlessly head to the bathroom and change. When I come out Niall says"We are goin to get breafast with the boys" I nod and head out with him. Our arms brush as we walk down the hallway. My breath stops and Niall, sending my hesitation, grabs my hand and holds it. I swallow and right before we walk into the dining area I yank my hand away. Niall looks at me, hurt and confusion on his face. "Niall come on!" Zayn calls. We walk in and sit down silently. The boys exchange looks and finish breakfast. "So what are we Doing today?" I ask. "First we are going shoppin with you to pick out clothes for the dances and such, then we can go to the movies and park" Liam smiles. "Sounds good" I finish my melon and head up to my room to get my purse. Minutes later Niall walks in. "Niall I thought about last night and your right." "Im glad you think so," He searches my face and I take his hand.We walk downstairs together. "Aww" Louis coos. "Let's go" Harry leads the way. When we get to the first shop the boys split up. I end up with Zayn. My heart speeds up as he walks next to me. Suddenly I turn to him. I feel like I need to be with him. He grabs my face swiftly but gently and kisses me. Im still for a second but then I Kiss right back. His lips run along my lips trying to get in. I push away and look at him. "I'm sorry Sarah, you are just so beautiful." Zayn stares deep into my eyes. "Zayn, Niall already.." "I know but that won't change my idea of you." With that he walks away. His idea of me? I gulp. Am I falling for Zayn? But no Niall is already likes me. Do I like him? I shake my head and pull out a blue flowy tank top and black shiny gym shorts. I walk up to the cashier and buy them. Soon we are all together. The boys picked out a few outfits for me. " Ready to go?" Niall asks me, giving me a kiss on the check. I nod and walk forward. The day flies by and I keep myself quiet. I'm so confused, I need to straighten things out.
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