Chosen One

Sarah has been trying her whole life to forget about her past with her ex boyfriend Josh. She's been rising to The top as a dancer at Rising Stars. But then the famous One Direction come to search for one talented dancer to go on tour with them and she feels herself falling for one member......


6. First Timer

Finally the first concert was here! I quickly change into my outfit and run downstairs. Niall was already gone. I see Liam sitting quietly eating a slice of melon. "May I sit?" I ask. "Sure" Liam says. I begin to munch on my Fruit Loops when Liam'a phone rings. "The boys are waiting, you ready?" I swallow my last bite and nod. As we go outside I see a limo waiting. "Yep that's ours" Liam pulled open the door. Inside was Louis Harry Zayn Niall and Paul. I smile nervously and slide in next to Niall. "So are you two officially dating?" Paul questioned. "No" I quickly say. I can feel Niall's sadness. Paul frowns, "The fans and interviewers are going to
be questioning." "If i have to I'll stay away from Niall, ya know, not more then necessary." I say. Niall gulps and looks at the ground. I see Zayn cast me a glance before staring out the window. Louis Harry Liam and Paul carry a conversation all the way there. The boys and I part. I meet the other dancers and we all agree on the same moves one last time. Soon a man calls us. Before I know it I'm on stage and I do my moves as well as a professional. Afterwards Niall gave me a hug. "You arent a first-timer anymore" he whispered. I can hear the sadness in his voice. "Can we call a taxi oh the way to the hotel? I need to talk to you." I say. He nods and I go grab my things. I know what I want to do but the past keeps pulling me back. I shake my head and walk up to Niall, ready for the cab ride.
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