Chosen One

Sarah has been trying her whole life to forget about her past with her ex boyfriend Josh. She's been rising to The top as a dancer at Rising Stars. But then the famous One Direction come to search for one talented dancer to go on tour with them and she feels herself falling for one member......


2. Auditons

I whacked the alarm clock and leaped out of bed. It was the day of auditions! I quickly changed Ito a black leotard with neon green dance shorts on over it. "I'm off to dance'" I call to my mom. "Good luck!" She shouts. I hope into my car and check my reflection. My long blonde hair was pulled into a neat ballet bun and my blue eyes shone against my grey eyeliner and black mascara. My seventeen yr old face looked nineteen! I smiled and drove to the studio. I parked my car and hurried on in. I waved to Mrs Kelly who worked at The desk and headed to the locker area. Emily and two of her friends were in there. "oh heyy Sarah" Emily deadpanned. "Hi" I put my stuff in my locker and look at Emily's outfit. She wore a red leotard with dance shorts that said I heart 1D. I snort. "Have a problem?" Emily looked up from adjusting her sparkling hair net. "No, see ya Out there." I hid my laughter. In the main studio I see the members of One Direction lined up at a table with papers all over the place. "Go sign in" Mrs Debra instructed. I walk up to Zayn and clear my throat. " Name?" He asked. "Sarah Fewman" I say before turning and warming up. After everyone Is here Mrs Debra starts the auditions. When it's Emily's turn I notice she chose What makes you beautiful and I chuckle. Before I know it it's my turn.
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