My Baby-sitter Niall Horan

Alison Payne is too careless and fragile. While her older brother Liam Payne goes on a 17 days field trip to America, he hired Alison a babysitter even though she is 17 years old!!!!! It turns out the babysitter is a cute blonde and Irish 18 year old boy named Niall Horan. Will he just be Alison's babysitter or more? What's gonna happen? Is everything going to be the same? Who will get hurt? Who will get jealous? Read to find out!


22. New Home

Alison's P.O.V.

I wandered my way through the Heathrow Airport. It was really big and really easy to get lost. Not to mention, I already did. I looked up at the directions and found my way out 15 minutes later. I called a cab and hopped in, going to the hotel I booked just earlier when waiting for my flight. By now, I already got 27 texts and 143 phone calls. Ignore, I'd have to get a new phone. No one knew where I'm at, and no one will. I've never mentioned about living in London before, so they probably won't find me here.

After what seems hours in the cab, I finally got out and went to the lounge. Damn, this was huge and modern. It looked totally different in the pictures, so much worse. I went to the front desk and they had to ask for a credit card and blah blah. When I was cleaning my room last time, I did find my dad's credit card. I handed the woman my credit and she nodded as she typed on the computer. I waited impatiently for her because I'm sure a snail could type faster than her. Finally, she handed me my room card and I walked over to the elevators.

I opened the door to my hotel room and locked the door. As soon as I placed the luggages, I collapsed on the king sized bed. It was summer so I didn't have to worry about school, 1 more month of freedom. I sat on the bed as I scrolled down the website. Ursuline High School. I gave myself a mental note to make a call tomorrow. More people started calling me, so I called Liam.

" Hey Liam!" I yelled into the phone.

"Where the are you?" I heard his frustrated voice over the phone.

"Can't tell you. So I'm gonna make this quick. I'm in somewhere safe and I have some money and I have dad's credit card. There's a huge amount of money in there so don't worry about me. For god's sake, I am 17 years old, almost 18 in a few months. So don't come looking for me, and if you do, I'll never call you as my brother." I said sharply into the phone as the tears came running down my face.

"Goodbye." I said hanging up before he could even talk. I laid on my bed as I fell into a deep sleep.


So being the nice person I am, I decided to write this chapter after I finished my homework. Lol. Enjoy the conversation below.



Me: Cause I'm the writer.

Alison: Well you couldn't have wrote that me and Niall kissed? *starts daydreaming*

Me: *slaps her across the face to get her attention* I didn't want to. Be glad I didn't make you die.

Alison: Humph!


This is the last chapter and there will be a sequel. please wait at my slowness. :'( lol


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