My Baby-sitter Niall Horan

Alison Payne is too careless and fragile. While her older brother Liam Payne goes on a 17 days field trip to America, he hired Alison a babysitter even though she is 17 years old!!!!! It turns out the babysitter is a cute blonde and Irish 18 year old boy named Niall Horan. Will he just be Alison's babysitter or more? What's gonna happen? Is everything going to be the same? Who will get hurt? Who will get jealous? Read to find out!


12. Love

Alison's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes to see 5 strangers in front of me on the floor. Ok? Did I mention that they were 5 hot strangers? I glanced around the hospital room and I noticed the boys coming over to me. Who were they?

"Who are you people?" I asked looking at them trying to remember anything. The cute blonde one suddenly bursted out in tears. I started to panick, what happened?

"You don't remember?" The guy with the quiff said. He's hair looked like vanilla and chocolate ice cream mixed together. I giggled at my own thought. They seemed to notice so they gave me a confused look.

"No? I don't remember anything." I said knowing that I don't remember anything and the blonde just sat in the corner crying. I feel bad.

After a few minutes of silence and them whispering things to each other the doctor came in. He asked me a few questions about myself and I didn't know a thing! He said I have amnesia and it might me really hard for me to get back my memories. I looked at the strangers and they all started to sob quietly? Who are they? Why am I so important to them?

"Well I'm Liam, your older brother. Our parents died so we live in a house just us two." Liam smiled weakly at me. He was my brother... oh god I called my brother hot.

The others all started introducing but I kept my eyes on Niall. He was hard to resist and he was in the corner crying. I just wish I could remember something. I watched his every movements as he got up and left the room. Liam soon rushed out and probably went to Niall.

Liam's P.O.V.

What's up with Niall? All he did was sit in the corner and cried. I watched as he started to walk out the room so I followed him. I caught up to him and started asking him questions. After a few minutes of my conversations I finally realized that Niall had a thing for Ali. How could I been so stupid?

"Do you like her?" I questioned Niall seriously.

"I love her." He started to cry more so I pulled him into a hug and let it cry on my shoulder. "And she doesn't even remember who I am or love me back!"

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