My Baby-sitter Niall Horan

Alison Payne is too careless and fragile. While her older brother Liam Payne goes on a 17 days field trip to America, he hired Alison a babysitter even though she is 17 years old!!!!! It turns out the babysitter is a cute blonde and Irish 18 year old boy named Niall Horan. Will he just be Alison's babysitter or more? What's gonna happen? Is everything going to be the same? Who will get hurt? Who will get jealous? Read to find out!


20. Goodbye

Liam's P.O.V.

It took me a while to take in what she said. Right, she wanted to move.

"Why do you wanna move?" I asked her trying to convince her not to move.

"No time to explain, you in or not?" She asked frustrated. I wanted to say yes and be the nice brother I am but I can't leave the behind.

"HELLO?! You still alive?" She waved her hand in my face. I immediately slapped it down and stood up.

"No! We are not moving! You can't just run away from your problems like that! You can't just cause a problem and not do anything about it! You caused it, you fixed it! You don't just run away so you could escape. What if it happens again when we move somewhere else? Are you gonna run away again like the irresponsible child you are!"  I snapped letting all the anger I've held out of me.

I looked at her to see tears coming down her face. That's when I realized what I've just said. Damn it! I watched her run upstairs and heard a door being slammed loudly. I fell back on the couch and groaned at the mess I just caused. I walked upstairs and knocked on her door. No reply. I tried hitting the door but it still wouldn't break.

Alison's P.O.V.

As soon as I got in my room, I locked it behind me. I looked at my all packed luggages in the middle of the room. I took out the shoe box under my bed, which I recently found. It was all the money I kept from 5 years old. I took out the money and counted it. 6969 dollars. (See what I did there? ;) ) Enough money for awhile. I'll have to get a job though.

I opened the door to see Liam already gone. Good thing I pushed my desk against the door earlier or else he would've broke it down. He's probably locked up in his room and regretting what he said. Good for him.

I carried the light suitcases downstairs and tip toed out the door. I got into a cab and told the driver to go to the airport. I've got my ticket to London which I purchased last week. I've got everything I needed.

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