My Baby-sitter Niall Horan

Alison Payne is too careless and fragile. While her older brother Liam Payne goes on a 17 days field trip to America, he hired Alison a babysitter even though she is 17 years old!!!!! It turns out the babysitter is a cute blonde and Irish 18 year old boy named Niall Horan. Will he just be Alison's babysitter or more? What's gonna happen? Is everything going to be the same? Who will get hurt? Who will get jealous? Read to find out!


9. Finding Out

Niall's P.O.V.

I thought about last night and I remembered that I had picked up Alison's phone after she dropped it. And I forgot to give it back. I was lost in my thoughts until I heard a loud scream. Ouch that hurt my ears.

I quickly rushed out of the room clearly not feeling sleepy anymore and searched where the scream came from. I busted in Alison's room and saw her rummaging through her stuff freaking out. I hurried over to her.

"What happened?" I asked trying to came her down. I looked at the messy room and sighed, I'd have to clean that later.

"I lost my phone." She said. I remembered the phone in my room, should I give it to her? But what if she hates me after? I decided to act dump about the phone and probably put it in one of her drawers when she goes out.

"Oh, umm where did you lose it at?"

"I think I lost it at the club I went to last night?" She tried to think where but she couldn't remember. "Why did I drink that much last night?!!?

"Well I'll help you find it, maybe it's in the bathroom or something." I walked out of her room and into mine. I hid the phone in my pocket.

Alison's P.O.V.

Ugh why did I have to drink that much last night?!?!?! Now that guy probably thinks I'm a whore and stuff. I ran to the bathroom and looked through all the drawers. I walked back to my room and saw the phone on the floor... That was strange how could I not seen that earlier? I grabbed the phone and took out the note and typed out his phone number. But when I typed it, Niall's name kept coming up... Maybe they just have similar phone numbers.

To Mystery Guy

Hey sorry for txting u this late I lost my phone lol

I walked into Niall's room for helping me find it and to tell him that I found it on my bedroom floor. I saw him reading something on his phone and I sneaked behind him to look what he was reading. I gasped at my sight and stormed out of his room. Niall came running after me and tried calming me down. How could I be calm right now? Why didn't he just tell me?

"Why didn't you just tell me?" I yelled at him. He scratched his head and looked anywhere but me. We stayed quiet for a few minutes and finally he managed to get out some words.

"I'm sorry I was just scared." He mumbled looking at the floor playing with his fingers. I could tell he was nervous and he was shaking a little. Chicken

"I just can't believe you, why were you-" I was cut off by his lips landing on mine. I froze at first and kissed him back. He tried deepen the kiss but I didn't let him. I ran away from the house, anywhere not near him but before I realized what I was doing everything went black.


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