Closer than ever.

Kirsten and Harry met eachother on the X Factor when she was doing work experience as a stylist. They have been a couple for 3 years now and due to work commitments they hardly see eachother. That’s all about to change when Kirsten gets a job promotion to a top salon in London but will it be for better or worse ?


2. Part 2


I dragged my suitcase along the marble flooring of my new block of apartments, the rest of my stuff was being delivered later. I was sharing an apartment with another worker called Brook, I just hoped we would get along or it would be awkward. I banged on the door arriving outside the apartment checking the address on the piece of paper.

‘Hey’ a girl beamed at me inviting me in.

‘Hi, you must be Brook’ I asked.

‘And you are?’ she asked giving me a hug.

‘Kirsten’ I replied.

‘OMG, your Harry Styles girlfriend right’ she asked gasping.

‘Yeah’ I grinned.

‘I love them’ she grinned fan-girling. I knew we was going to get along just fine.

‘Aww who’s your fave’ I asked dumping my suitcase in the hallway joining her in the kitchen.

‘Louis, he’s so cute, I would so bang him anyday’ she grinned, I laughed in response.

‘So when do you start in the salon?’ she asked.

‘Monday, how long have you worked there?’ I asked, today was Wednesday so I had some time to relax and get familiar with the area before I started.

‘I started last week actually’ she replied.


‘Want to see your room’ she asked flicking on the kettle.

‘Sure’ I followed her off down the hall before stopping at a door on the left just after the study room.

‘Here’ she replied opening the door whilst I walked in, the bedroom was a good size with a double bed in the centre with built in wardrobes along one side.

‘And your lucky to have a en-suite as well’ she grinned opening another door.

‘I’ll leave you too it, I’ll call when tea is ready’ she grinned before skipping off.

This was officially a new start for me and what made it better was that Harry was closer.

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