Closer than ever.

Kirsten and Harry met eachother on the X Factor when she was doing work experience as a stylist. They have been a couple for 3 years now and due to work commitments they hardly see eachother. That’s all about to change when Kirsten gets a job promotion to a top salon in London but will it be for better or worse ?


1. Part 1


I awoke early like usual, having the normal skype call with Harry and the boys who were currently out in LA recording for there next album.

I rolled into work before 8, helping prepare the salon for the day and setting my work station up before checking over the list of clients for the today.

‘Can I have a word Kirsten’ my manager asked, I nodded in response following him up to his office taking a seat like he signalled me to.

‘Now your probably wondering why I asked you in here’ he asked taking his glasses off.

‘Yeah I am’ I replied nervously, was he about to sack me or something.

‘No need to be worried’ he laughed noticing I was uncomfortable.

‘Okay’ I replied twiddling my thumbs running through the thoughts of why I could be sat here.

‘Now this is a fantastic job opportunity for you, involves moving to London but your choice’ that’s all I took from the words that left his mouth.

‘What’ I asked.

‘Job promotion at a top salon in London, they have seen your work and are pretty impressed they want to employ you and get you highly trained’ he grinned handing me a letter.

‘So I’ll be based in London’ I asked reading over the letter.

‘Yeah, they will organise your living arrangements for you before you go’ he added, I nodded in response thinking it all over but I didnt really need to I was going to London.

1. For my Job.

2. I’ll be closer to Harry when there in London that’s all that mattered to me.

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