They don`t know about us

Just read the story and your love it.


4. Where are we going?


(Just quickly gonna tell you that in this story, Louis doesn’t have a girlfriend. Because I say so! Love!)

After I had been straddling Harry for about 2 minutes he finally did something other than just looking at me with a blank face. He let out a deep sigh and placed his hands on my hips. “Well, I can’t be mad when you’re looking likethat” he said smiling while looking me up and down. I leaned down to kiss him after a moment but I only gave him a quick peck on the lips and then rolled off him and laid down beside him with my back turned to him. I knew he must’ve been looking over at me very surprised and disappointed. “Is that all I’m gonna get?” he asked with a pleading voice. I smiled to myself for knowing that he would ask that. “Oh you got plenty of that earlier” I just said. I could feel Harry moving himself closer to me. “But that wasn’t you”. “Oh, so you’d like some from me, huh?” I asked teasingly. Harry moved his lips close to my ears and I could feel his hot breath “you know I do”. 
I had to bite my lip from not smiling like a fool even though Harry couldn't see my face. I didn't want to admit how much I actually liked him saying that. 
Quickly I found my lost mind and told Harry goodnight. If he wanted me he’d have to work for it.

I woke up to a note that told me that Harry was gonna be out most of the day. Apparently they were still bugging him about being a solo artist instead of in a band and he had to take care of it. Instantly I thought that Louis would be a good guy to spend the day with if he wasn't busy so I called him up and he wasn’t.

Louis came over right after I had finished dressing myself. I had just thrown on a couple of sweats and a simple top. Louis had done the same but instead of the top he went for a t-shirt. More manly. 
We decided to just stay in and watch movies all day. After getting soda, candy and popcorn we got comfy on the couch. That means me, leaning against Louis who was half sitting, half lying down on the couch. We watched a couple of movies and mostly just stayed in the same position. It was very comfortable to be around Louis even though I hadn't known him for long and I absolutely adored the way he was tracing circles on the little gap between my top and the hem of my pants, without himself even noticing.

Harry came home later in the evening and explained quickly to us that he was tired of all the fan girls he had met and he people he had been meeting with, so he’d just go to bed. He didn't say anything about Louis being in the apartment with me, he only just gave us both a weird look when he came through the door and saw us. Other than that he had just let it go. Maybe because he was tired.
Not much later Louis told me he probably had to go home and sleep because he some things to do the next day. “Singer stuff” he called it and I laughed at it. I found him very cute.
He kissed my cheek and went out the door.

I woke up early due to the fact that Harry was forcing me to. He was shaking me to wake up. “Kirsten, we’re gonna spend the day together! I have a day off and it’ll be amazing!” he excitedly yelled at me. He reminded me of a little child on Christmas. 
Even though I was very against waking up at 8 am on a day off I got out of bed. I took a long shower almost going back to sleep in the shower and then got dressed in a couple of normal black skinny jeans and simple shirt with a little print on it. 
Harry didn't want to tell me where we were going or what we were doing but just told me that it wasn't gonna be in the apartment so I slipped on my converse and to Harry’s car. On the ride I noticed Harry often looking over at me and gave me a big smile. 
He was very excited about this thing he had planned, I could tell.



Thank you for reading! If anybody has any suggestions just say so! Favorite and like it <3 Thank you again! xx 

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