They don`t know about us

Just read the story and your love it.


2. Morning hour


Harry and I had a very weird friendship; we were almost like friends with benefits but never with that many benefits. There were sometimes groping and making out but it never got too hot and heavy. Neither of us would allow it to go that far and if one us might have lost the head for the second the other one would remember why we didn't let it go that far. We were friends and doing more than what we already did would ruin it.

I felt a hand on my thigh. This time I didn't look to see who it was because I already knew. It was Harry. Half asleep beside me, seeking attention from the nearest warm female body. Me.
He shifted from laying on his back to on his side and traced his hand to my butt when I also laid on my side facing him. He started kissing my neck. “It seems like you haven’t gotten any in a while” I said. Harry mostly came to me for attention when he didn't get it from somewhere else. And he was the kind to really love getting the attention. 
“ I've just missed you” he mumbled into my skin and I could feel his hot breath when he spoke. I loved it. A lot.
I breathed out heavily, but did it as quietly as I could. I didn't want Harry to know how much I actually loved that. He moved his head to kiss my lips. I gave him a sweet long one and decided that it was enough for the night. “Goodnight Harry” I said cuddled into his bare chest and closed my eyes.
“Goodnight Kirsten”

I woke up alone but could hear that Harry was in the kitchen. I took a towel from his closet; some underwear from a drawer Harry had cleared for me and went to the bathroom to take a shower. 
After the shower I walked out to the kitchen where a great smell of breakfast came from. 
Harry had an open kitchen so I stood on the living room/dinner table side of the kitchen counter. 
“ Good morning” I smiled at Harry and then noticed Louis beside me looking me up and down. I only had my underwear on. “ Good morning, Louis” I smirked at him. He then looked at my face and smiled back at me. “Nice outfit” he pointed out. I unleaned myself from the counter and put a hand on my hip. “Thank you” I said confidently. 
Harry scooped the last of the scrambled eggs he made on a serving dish and walked on the other side of the counter where Louis and I stood talking. “Well, the other guys are gonna be here soon so –“ he began. He then picked me up over his shoulder. “- you should go get some clothes on” he continued and walked into the bedroom with me over his shoulder. I screamed, kicked and slapped his butt on the way of course. Who wouldn't?
When Harry put me down he kissed me on the cheek and went back to the kitchen to let me get dressed which I then did. I took on simple denim shorts and a loose top on. I then did a little of makeup and when I got to the kitchen again the other boys from Harry’s band was there. 
We all sat down by the table and ate breakfast together. 
“So, would you like to go with us to the signing we have to go to today?” Liam asked me. “Yeah, I’d love to!” I answered him. I had heard a lot about how crazy some of their fans where so I would of course love to see if that were true. 

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