They don`t know about us

Just read the story and your love it.


3. Mad


We were home again. The boys’ signing had gone really well and at one point I saw a girl jump over the table to confess her love for Harry. I really enjoyed that moment. What I didn’t enjoy was listening to Harry having his fun time with some random girl he had brought home while Louis and I were trying to watch TV. Louis turned the sound on louder so we wouldn’t be able to hear the girl’s endless moans. 
I hated that Harry had gotten so comfortable around me that he thought it was ok to go have you know what, when I was sitting on the other side of the wall.

“ Doesn't it bother you?” Louis interrupted my thoughts. “No” I answered. A little too fast. Louis gave me a knowing look, “m-hm” he said indicating that he wasn't convinced at all. 
After a moment Louis stretched his arm in the direction of me. “Come here” he smiled at me. I let out a small laugh and cuddled into his side. There we sat, watching very loud TV until Harry and his girl came out of his room. Louis and I ignored them both when Harry sent the girl out of the door. Let’s just say Harry wasn't the type to let a girl stay over after he’d gotten what he wanted. And he wasn't the type to care about what time of the day it was either. When he wanted a girl he got one. Simple as that.

“What are we watching” Harry asked while dunking himself on the couch next to me. “We are watching Veronica Mars and you are going to change the sheets and then take a shower” I told him. I was maybe a little harsh on him but I found it absolutely disgusting to have to sit next to him while he’d just finished off with some of the many girls he brings by. Harry sighed, already knowing that if he didn't do it I wouldn't let him touch me. “I don’t get why you’re always like this after I have someone over!” Harry yelled while walking back to the bedroom. Louis picked up the remote and turned down the volume to make the TV more pleasant to listen to.

After Harry had showered he walked into the living room and dunked himself on the couch again. He had only grabbed a pair of sweats and thrown them over his boxers. Harry had an amazing body. His abs were simply incredible and I had to force myself to not look at them. Harry knew how much I liked his abs of course so he leaned in to me and whispered: “Wanna cuddle? I know how much you like to when I don’t have a shirt”. I decided to stay strong and piss him off a little; “No, I’m cuddling with Louis” I told him and smiled up to Louis. Louis smirked over to Harry to say ‘haha she chose me over you’.
“Well, fuck you then” Harry mumbled while he stormed to the kitchen. He was clearly pissed off and I was a little happy about it. Finally Harry was the one left out and he could now see how it was for me whenever he had some random girl over. Ok, maybe not exactly that but he was pissed off and I sometimes liked pissing off Harry.

After Louis and I had finished a massive pizza he left to go to his own apartment and get some sleep. After saying my goodbyes and locking the door I went to the bedroom where Harry in protest had gone to after grabbing two pieces of pizza. 
Harry was sitting in bed with his back leaned against the wall and with his computer in his lap. 
“Are you still mad?” I asked as I climbed onto the bed and gave him my best puppy dog look. “No” he said not even looking up from the screen. He was clearly still mad.

Luckily I knew exactly what would make him in a better mood.

I climbed off the bed and stood in front of the closet with my back turned to Harry. I took off my shorts, top and bra and pulled one of Harry shirts from the closet on. I knew Harry had been watching me undress even though it didn't look he had when I turned around and saw his eyes on the screen of his computer. I again climbed onto the bed. This time I just shut his computer screen down, placed the computer on the table beside the bed and climbed on top of him, straddling him. 
I knew Harry loved it when I was only wearing one of his shirts.  

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