They don`t know about us

Just read the story and your love it.


1. Meeting.


I had been taken to Harry’s apartment and was then standing outside it. I was afraid that the whole thing would turn awkward because he had his friends in his band and now I was coming to stay for the summer and I only knew Harry. I hadn't met any of his band mates and I also hadn't seen Harry in months. I was so afraid that he might have changed.

Without knocking I opened the door and saw a living room with 2 guys playing some video game on the TV and 3 others chilling on the sofas. I couldn't help but smile when I saw Harry cheering on whom I recognized as Louis and Niall. Of course I had been checking up on my best friend on the internet! 
I silently placed my bags on the floor and closed the door behind me without taking my eyes off of the guys. As the door let out a loud click when it closed I saw all of the guys look up from what they were doing at looking over at my direction. It took Harry less than a minute to jump off the sofa and come running towards me. 
“Kirsten!” he yelled as he picked me up in a hug and spun me around. The biggest smile spread across my face. I had missed him.

When Harry had finally let me down he introduced me to his band mates that by now had walked over beside us. They were all extremely nice and reached out their hands for me to shake – except Louis. He was of course very nice but he didn't want to shake my hand. No, he quickly snaked his arms around my waist and hugged me tight, and even though I had just met him I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him back. 
I let out a little laugh as I pulled away from Louis. “Well, hello Louis” I said smiling. “Hi!” he smiled even bigger at me. 
Harry then grabbed both of my bags in one hand and gently put his hand on my lower back as he led me through his apartment. “Come here babe, I cleared some space for you in the bedroom” he said as he guided me towards the room. “aaand.. left, here” he said as we came to a little hallway with 3 doors. 
I took a left and got in to the bedroom. It had a big double bed in the middle, a mirror and dresser up against the wall that separated the bedroom and the hallway and lastly it had a big closet on the right. 
As I just stood by the doorway and looked at the room Harry walked past me and placed my bags by the closet where you could see he had made room.  
I looked at Harry when he made his way through the room and to where I was standing. He wrapped his arms around my waist. “God I've missed you” he said and kissed my cheek. I couldn't help but smile because he was the only one I knew who did that. I placed my hands on his neck and brushed his jaw with my thumbs while I looked him in the eyes. “ I've missed you too”
“NO, WE SHOULD GO TO NANDO’S!” Niall loudly interrupted from the other room. Harry and I smiled quickly at each other and went to see what was going on.


Niall was sitting by the restaurant table looking a little grumpy until the menu came. He wanted to go to Nando’s for dinner but I could tell that the other boys had had too much of it for the past days and therefore we went somewhere else for dinner. 
After ordering our drinks and food soon came. We were eating and had fun. The boys were joking around with each other and asked me a lot of questions. I was just about to put some spaghetti in my mouth when I felt something on my thigh. I quickly put down the fork with the spaghetti and looked down at my lap. I saw a hand. I followed the arm and saw that the hand belonged to the guy who was sitting on the right.


I looked up at him with a questionable look on my face. I guess he could feel me looking because he turned his head to me and smiled at me like there was nothing unnatural in what he was doing. He then gave me a quick wink and turned his head again. It seemed like he wasn't going to explain so I turned my head too and let it be. 

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