Let Me Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Remy Cowell is your everyday average girl. Well, if you count being Simon Cowell's daughter average. She prefers not to be known as "OMG LOOK IT'S REMY COWELL!" she hates it. She wishes her dad was never famous. Then one day, she moves to L.A to spend the summer with her father. Her father owns the record label that One Direction work with. What Remy thought was going to be a normal summer vacation, will turn out to be so much more than that.


4. What A Beautiful Sight

*Harry's POV*
I check my watch. 11:00am. "It's already eleven." I say to my bandmates. Simon was meant to be here five minutes ago. "Simon's daughter is coming, did you guys know that?" Liam says. I shook my head. He nodded. "Ok, so now you know!" I hear footsteps, and muffled talking. It sounds like Simon. I was right. Simon opened the door and walked in. He turned around and laughed. "Remy, just pick a flavour!" "Oh but Dad-" a sweet voice calls, "-there are so many flavoured to choose from!" the boys and I laugh. "Fine, I'll just take Sweet Chilli then!" says the beautiful voice again. In walks the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life!!! Her long golden brown hair, her beautiful bright blue eyes, her lovely full lips, her figure,- "HARRY!" I snap out of my daydream and turn to the group. "What did I miss?" I say. They all roll their eyes, except for the girl, who giggles. What a lovely laugh! I wink at her and wiggle my eyebrows. She smiles and blushes. "Ahem." Simon clears his throat. "So, this is my daughter Remy. She will be staying with me for the Summer vacation." the girl, I mean, Remy, tucked her hair behind her ear and waved. "Hello!" I can't help smiling, she's such a beautiful sight! I saw her look at me, so I quickly looked away. Simon started talking with the others. I felt a small tap at my shoulder. I turn around. It's her! "Hello!" she says. "I'm Remy!" I smile. "I'm Harry." she holds her hand out to me. I take it and shake it. (A/N: Funny, that rhymes!) "so Remy-" I say, "-what brings you to L.A?" "Well, my mother was going to New Jersey for the Summer, to spend time with her cousin. My mother's cousin was about to give birth, and my mum didn't want me there while that was happening. So I was sent here." I nod. "It's really nice up here, all the beaches, palm trees, hot weather, hot boys." she winks. I raise my eyebrow. "Were you flirting with me?" I ask. She gives a devilish smile. "Maybe...it depends." "Cause I'll have you know-" I start, "-that I am the best flirter in the whole wide world." she comes closer. "Is that a challenge I hear Styles?" I come closer. "Maybe it is." she runs her hand down my side. My breathing becomes erratic. How is she doing this to me? She must be able to read my mind. "Can't handle a little flirting can we Styles?" "I-I-" "Woah! Harry! She's even better than flirting than you are!" she laughs, "Thankyou Louis!" she says. "Ok boys, I think that wraps it up, let's go to lunch now!" Simon says. Everyone stands up and heads out the door. As Remy stands, her fingertips brush over my thigh, sending sparks.
I swear, this girl will be the death of me.

A/N: how you liking so far? Like the heated flirting between Harry and Remy? Be sure to like and comment! Bye Lovelies!
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