Let Me Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Remy Cowell is your everyday average girl. Well, if you count being Simon Cowell's daughter average. She prefers not to be known as "OMG LOOK IT'S REMY COWELL!" she hates it. She wishes her dad was never famous. Then one day, she moves to L.A to spend the summer with her father. Her father owns the record label that One Direction work with. What Remy thought was going to be a normal summer vacation, will turn out to be so much more than that.


3. Welcome, To Syco Records!

*The next day*
*Remy's POV*
I awake in my new bed for the summer. I look around and sigh. Everything is so much bigger than back at home. "Remy!" I hear my father call. "Yeah?" "Were going into my work today, is that alright?" I groan "Yeah Dad, that's fine." I hear him chuckle "Liar!" he yells. I roll my eyes. I jump out of bed and hop in the shower. Not literally, cause I could've slipped. :O I get out and dry my hair off. I chuck on some of my clothes, do my hair and apply a minimal level of makeup. I've never been one for makeup. It feels like my face is cracking. I run downstairs to breakfast. Well, more like a feast to me! Pancakes down one end, waffles, bagels, crossaints, bacon, eggs, toast, mushrooms, juice, water, butter, honey, crumpets, jam, marmite..etc etc. I stare at my Dad. "Do you eat like this EVERY day?!" he chuckles. "Sometimes." I sit down and fill my plate with whatever I can find. "Woah girl, you would think your mother starves you." "Well, she's going on a diet, so she expected Tim and I to do the diet with her. So I haven't had sugary or salty food in 5 weeks." "Really?" he chuckled. "Well, then maybe me and five of my clients can take you out for a special lunch today?" I nod my head. "That would be great Dad! Thanks!" he smiles. We finish our breakfast and head out to his black, overly stretched, overly expensive limo he calls his 'everyday car'. Once we get onto the freeway, I notice that the windows are tinted. "Daddy-" I say, "-why are the windows tinted?" he sighed, pointed out the window, and nodded his head toward the window. Puzzled, I looked out the window to see a group of girls in a car next to us, fangirling. I gasped, and wound the window up. "Oh." was all I said. Dad chuckled, it's gonna take me a while to get used to all this fame.
We pulled up at a giant building. I smiled, this place was so familiar. Coming here as a child, getting to meet some of the biggest names in the music industry. It was my Daddy's company, Syco Records. I ran up to the door and gasped, realising it was one of those cool doors that go round and round. I squealed in joy, and pointed them out to my father. He laughed. "I know princess, I was the one that bought them!" I giggled, realising I was being childish. "Do you want to go meet the clients that I will be taking out to lunch today with you?" I nodded my head. "Let's go!" I say. We walk inside...."welcome to Syco Records Remy."
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