Let Me Love You (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Remy Cowell is your everyday average girl. Well, if you count being Simon Cowell's daughter average. She prefers not to be known as "OMG LOOK IT'S REMY COWELL!" she hates it. She wishes her dad was never famous. Then one day, she moves to L.A to spend the summer with her father. Her father owns the record label that One Direction work with. What Remy thought was going to be a normal summer vacation, will turn out to be so much more than that.


2. L.A L.A Baby

*Flight 203 to Los Angeles is boarding right now.*
*Remy's POV*
"Well, I'll see you later then Mom, I guess." I say. "Yes sweetheart. Be sure to report back to me if your father has another woman in his life." "Mom, you have Timothy, isn't it only fair that Dad has someone else also?" she sighs. "I guess you're right honey. Go on, get on that plane. I'll see you at the end of summer vacation." "Thanks Mom. See you later! Bye Tim!" they both wave. I walk down the little hallway thing that leads to the plane. I hand the flight attendant my ticket and get my seat on the plane. I pull my iPod out of my handbag and put the earplugs in. It's gonna be a long flight.
*15 hours, five toilet breaks, and 200 songs later....*
"Uh, miss, your flight has landed?" I wake with a start. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize!" the flight attendant chuckles. "Well, you were asleep, Darl. No wonder." I grab my carry on luggage and race out the door. I go to the little conveyor belt thingy and take out my suitcases. Now I just have to sit......and wait..........*5 minutes later* ......and wait........ok this is getting old. Where is my Dad?
*FLASH FLASH FLASH* "Mr Cowell! Mr Cowell!" oh great, here he is. And he's brought the paps with him. How CHARMING. "Remy!" I hear him call out. I stand up, plant a fake smile on my face, and run over. "Hey Dad, how are you?" "I'm good thanks princess. Been treating your mother alright, I hope?" I chuckle. "Yes Dad." he clicks his fingers at his servant who came with him. "Jacob, take Remy's suitcases." I smile. "Thanks Jacob." he smiles back. "Well," Dad says. "We should get going." I walk next to him out the door, and down the pathway. I go to hail a taxi, but Dad stops me. "Uh, sorry kiddo, forgot to tell you, but we're taking my limo back to the house. Is that ok?" I start squealing like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. "OMG A LIMO? NO WAY!" he laughs. "Ok ok, settle down princess." he opens the limo door for me, and I hop in. Maybe, this vacation wasn't going to be so bad after all.
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