The Memories

Niall have had enouigh of the hate... And quits One Direction! Niall meets a girl, Emily, he falls in love with her. But his only problem is; Emily loves One Direction and Emily is begging Niall everyday to rejoin One Direction..... Will Niall rejoin One Direction or will he stay away from One Direction?


4. Why a replacement?!

Niall's POV: 

After a hour, of sitting in Nandos and nibbling at my chicken. I suddenly felt empty. I felt like I needed Liam. I needed Harry. I needed Louis. And most of all, I needed Zayn. I needed my microphone. I needed to go on the stage. I needed to give all of the fans a hug. I needed to give more autographs. I needed to pose for more photos with fans. I needed to be in One Direction again. But I just told El that I wouldn't join One Direction ever again. Emily sat down next to me, "Tell me what happened." she whispers, giving me a hug. I burst into tears again, "I quit One Direction," I mumble, looking down at my chicken. I didn't feel hungry. I felt like I had a hole in my heart, that could only be filled with One Direction and the fans' love. But some of the fans hated me. I remember one fan, called @PlasticBieber on twitter, she kept calling me horrible things. I hated her. 


Liam's POV: 

I'm going to tell Paul. I have to. Paul came into the studio, then he stopped in his footsteps, "Where is Niall?" he asks. Zayn cries even louder, wailing. Harry let some tears roll down his cheek. Louis sniffled. "He quit One Direction, a hour ago..." I say, looking at him with tear-filled eyes. My version were blurred by the tears. Paul shook his head, then he mumbles something. "What was that?" I ask, my ears failing to take in what he said. "Oh nothing," Paul smiled falsely. I stared at him with a suspicious expression on my face. He left the room, and I could hear him talking on the phone. "Yes, we will need a replacement. To replace Niall. Yeah, in One Direction. You have a replacement? Oh brilliant, send him over to Syco studios. We're recording a new song today. I want him here in a hour." Paul said. I gasped loudly, then Paul looked at me, through the window between the recording room and the controls room. I gave him an evil and deathly stare. He stared at me, then he went outside of the studios. The others didn't hear, they were too busy crying. My back faced the door, and I slumped down, slipping down the door, until my bum hit the floor. I cuddled my legs, knees in my face. I cried. 

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