The Memories

Niall have had enouigh of the hate... And quits One Direction! Niall meets a girl, Emily, he falls in love with her. But his only problem is; Emily loves One Direction and Emily is begging Niall everyday to rejoin One Direction..... Will Niall rejoin One Direction or will he stay away from One Direction?


2. The admitting of the leaving

Liam's POV:

Now that Niall was gone, I had to look after the boys. Everybody usually thought I was the daddy of this group, but in fact, it was Niall. Yes he drank, yes he smoke sometimes when he is drunk, yes he does get into trouble, but he was the sweetest one out of us all and he always looked after us whenever I'm ill or something. He usually tried to stop Louis' crazy ideas. I decided to start discussing what will happen to One Direction, or how we would tell the fans. I bent down and picked up Zayn. Zayn sat down next to Harry, still crying. Louis had sat down next to Zayn, hugging him, trying to comfort him. I sat down next to Harry, "Hey guys, what will we tell our girls (our fans)?" I say, looking at Louis. Louis shrugs, Zayn cried even more, Harry stayed emotionless. I guess Harry couldn't believe that Niall had left.


Niall's POV:

Now that I left, I wanted to go back but I couldn't. My feet wouldn't walk back to the studio, my feet just walked to Nandos. I think that Nandos is my comfort food, well, I think that. Everybody knows it. When I open the Nandos door, a loud fangirling screams filled my ear. That made me cry more. They didn't know why I was crying. One of the waitress, Emily, walked over to me. Emily and I were good friends because I regularly came here every week when Emily was on her shift. "Hey Niall, what's up?" Emily asked, leading me to a empty table, "I'll tell you later, Em, just bring me my usual please," I say tearfully. Emily nodded sympathily. I smile slightly as Emily brings me my usual food.

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