The Memories

Niall have had enouigh of the hate... And quits One Direction! Niall meets a girl, Emily, he falls in love with her. But his only problem is; Emily loves One Direction and Emily is begging Niall everyday to rejoin One Direction..... Will Niall rejoin One Direction or will he stay away from One Direction?


3. Goodbye One Direction

Liam's POV:
I logged on Twitter and I decided to tell the fans the dreadful news, and I started to type into the new tweet box, "Goodbye Niall, you will always be remembered. Good luck." I pressed Tweet and the news was tweeted to my millions of followers. Almost immadiently, a fan, @El_OneDirection, tweeted me back, "No!!! Niall left?! Noooo, my life is over!!!" tears escape my eyes and rolled down my cheeks, and I tweeted her back, "Yes. Niall left. I'm really sorry to break the news, but yes xxx" and then she replied, saying, "My life is over. I'm going to commit suicide, #GoodbyeLife"

"NO! DON'T KILL YOURSELF! I'm sure Niall will come back. I will talk to him later, when the time is right," I reply,

"Too late, I have my hanging equipment ready, goodbye Liam."


Then #ElDontKillYourself started to trend worldwide, and El tweeted me back, "I changed my mind. Thank you Liam. I'm still in tears although,"

"Don't kill yourself over Niall. One Direction is still here and I'm sure that Louis will sing Niall's solos in songs, sorry El."

"Niall was my favourite out of you all." El replies.

"Don't worry, I will sort it out sooner or later, don't worry babe xx"



I decided to go on twitter while eating my chicken, and I saw Liam's coversation with a fan, @El_OneDirection, and I DM'd her saying, "Sorry Ellie, but I will never rejoin One Direction. Don't kill youself, please."

She replied within a minute, saying: "I want you to rejoin One Direction, please. Why did you leave in the first place?"

I replied, "Too much hate. Sorry Ellie. I will always love my fans, espicially you."


And I didn't reply. She wouldn't listen.

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