The Memories

Niall have had enouigh of the hate... And quits One Direction! Niall meets a girl, Emily, he falls in love with her. But his only problem is; Emily loves One Direction and Emily is begging Niall everyday to rejoin One Direction..... Will Niall rejoin One Direction or will he stay away from One Direction?


1. I quit!

Niall's POV: 

All four of the boys was standing in front of me. I was sitting down on the big, lushious couch and I was just about to quit. "What's up?" Liam asked, noticing my tear-stained cheeks. I didn't reply. I just sat there, looking at the boys with big, wide eyes. "What's happened?" Louis asks, being serious. I shrug my shoulders. "Seriously! Tell us." Harry said, crossing his arms. I look down at the ground. "Leave Nialler alone. He will tell us in his own time," Zayn defends me, smiling at me. I stand up, "You want to know what I have to say?! I have had enough! All these hating on me, all these people saying I don't deserve to be in One Direction, have won. I quit One Direction." I snap. Liam looked at me, tears in his eyes. Louis' mouth opened and he gasped quietly. Harry's arms uncross automatically. Zayn bursts out crying, kneeling at my feet. "I mean it. I have had enough." I say, stubbornly. I storm out of the room, and outside. I feel the warm breeze hit my face. The breeze was warm enough to dry up my tears. I walk. I don't know where I'm walking to. My feet just keep moving and I can't stop myself and I can't stop the tears streaming down my cheeks.


Liam's POV: 

That was it. Niall quit. He quit One Direction. It hadn't hit me yet. Zayn was on the floor, rolling around crying tears of heartbreak. Harry was sitting on the couch, with no emotion. Louis was standing there, staring into the distance. Niall have had a big impact on us, espicially Zayn. Looking at him rolling around, crying, made me want to die. Niall left us after five years of pain. One Direction have been going strong for five years. 2010-2015. I felt gutted, destroyed. My heart was filled with sadness and pain. I wanted to die. I wanted to go and kill myself. But Niall, well, it was his choice to leave us. His choice to break up One Direction. I looked at the guys again, we needed a cute, blond irish boy in the band, who goes by the name "Niall James Horan". The more I thought about Nialler, more tears rolled down my cheeks. I decided that I would try and pesteruade Niall to come back. I rang Niall's number, but his phone was off. I texted him but he didn't reply. I felt like it all was my fault. I'm so sorry Niall. I didn't know that the hate was too much for you. I'm really sorry Niall.

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