The special date

A girl named Kylie wins what she thinks is a date with Niall Horan but ends up to be more than that.


2. Getting there

As the bus pulls up to Camp Green Wood I check my phone to see if anyone texted me. I got one from mg BFF Alison saying that she is sick and can't make the camp. I am now sad because I will be with people I don't know in my dorm. This sucks. I am in a dorm with three other people named Amy,Jane and Lisa. They are all really nice and one loves one direction. She even brought a magazine with them on the cover. The frost night they played TRUTH OR DARE water front edition. I got dared to jump in the lake. Soo I did. I dared my other roomie to kiss John the ugliest guy at the camp. She did it. John fell in love with her and went off in a dorm. When we got back to th dorm they were in the same bed. But John was just tucking her in. THANK GOD!!!!!!
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