Dance With Me

Emily is a small town girl with big dreams. Her grandma is her inspiration, her best friend! When she goes to meet her her grandma did a special thing for her, signed her up for X Factor! As Emily is in line there's a tap on her shoulder. She turns to find the most handsomest boy she's ever seen. They get to know each other and they both feel something they've never felt before. But Emily has a few... problems. Will she over come them? Will she fight through them? Will love lead her to a new world?


1. Waiting In Line

Chapter 1: Emily's POV
Today was the day... Today is the day my life could change forever. I'm standing in line for X Factor and butterflies are fluttering inside me. Will the judges like me? Will I mess up? Will I embarrass myself? My mom hugs me cause she knows exactly what I'm thinking. "You'll be ok sweetie!" She says and I relax a little. "Why don't you talk to someone to get your mind off things?" I nod my head. I'm about to say hi to this blonde haired girl in front of me when there's a tap on my shoulder. I turn around quickly to be blind sighted by the most handsomest boy ever. He had dark curly hair and beautiful shiny green eyes."Hi, I'm Harry! I thought since we're gonna be in line for a while, why not get to know someone?" Note: he's British. But considering in in England and I'm from the U.S. I'm probably the outlier. "We'll that's a good idea! I'm Emily!" I say. "So I can tell your not from here?" A small smirk spreads across his face. "Yea I from Ohio. I'm here visiting my gramma. She's the one who made me come try-out." There's a pause. "I can tell you are from here!" I say and he laughs. "Yea I actually live about 3 hours away!" He says. "We'll that's better than 12 hours!" We both laugh. Geez. He's. So. Cute. "So is your boyfriend here to support you?" His cute smirk appears again. I giggle and smile at the ground. "No, I don't have one. Is yours here?" He looks behind him and back at me. "Yea, she wen to go get me a coffee. She should be back any minute!" A little piece of me dies. "Oh what's her name?" I ask faking interest. "I'm kidding! I don't have one." We both laugh and I punch his shoulder playfully. "Ouch!" He says sarcastically. "I've known you for two minutes and your already beating me up!" We both laugh. These next four hours are going to be fun!
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