The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


3. The scream

The next the day, all five girls,including Sarah,were at the gym putting on the finishing touches on the decorations for the prom.When the girls went home Thalia was at Sidney's house.Sidney was telling about how she could't wait till the Wii u was coming out and how she was gonna get it.The girls decided to go on movellas because they were bored.While they were on movellas Sidney asked Thalia to see when exactly the Wii u was coming out. When Thalia was looking up when it was gonna come out she read:The Wii u came out two days ago.Thalia didn't know how to tell her but she was brave enough to say it."TheWiiucameouttwoago."said Thalia as fast as she can."What?" said Sidney very confused."The             Wii                  u   came                   out                      two                        days                      a                    go."said Thalia sooooooooo slow hoping that she didn't understand that either.But boy was she wrong.She understood completely understood."oh.okay."she said calmly.Sidney gently laid down,put her face in a matteress then screamed as loud as she can."Sidney.Are you okay?"said Thalia."Ya.Never better."she said very creeply."You know what!"said Sidney excitedly."Whaaaaat?"said Thalia like it was a bad idea."This would make a great movellas story!""Ya.Your right!"As the girls wrote their movellas story they became hungry.When they went upstairs to grab a snack, Thalia and Sidney forgot their phones in the basement.When they went to get it Sidney's annoying little brother ate what Sidney was gonna eat but it turns out that the food had nuts in it.Her brother was alergic to nuts.When they figured that out and someone had to give him mouth to mouth and that person was his dad.             

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