The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


7. The final stage

The principal had back up and they looked tough but not enough to beat us."Let's get them."said Thalia fierce"What are you waiting for,get them!"said the principal.They went for it.Sidney,Sarah,and Jacke were covering Thalia and Meggie who were trying to get the principal.They fought and fought knowing this could mean risking their lives but they kept on fighting.They were still fighting until they heard Sarah scream.They all got distracted by that and got caught.Everyone but Sidney.They all surrounded her."What are you going to do now.?"said the principal "I'm going to do this!"said Sidney confident."Meggie!" Meggie knew what Sidney wanted her to do.Meggie kicked the person holding her and threw the laser to Sidney.Sidney turned on the laser and made a hole around the principal.The people holding then got distracted and let go.this was their chance,Sidney,Meggie,Thalia,Sarah,and Jacke kicked them into the hole with the principal.Meggie called the cops while everyone else making sure that the principal and the other people don't do anything funny.The cops came and took them away."WAIT where's the principal!!!!!" Said Sarah "oh I'm sitting on him!!!"said Jacke "you see...."" I don't want to know." Said Sarah grossed out already.

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