The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


6. It's over

  "I hope we don't have to face anymore problems."said Sarah "Why don't you ask that when defeat the principal."said Jacke "Maybe we should just give up."said Thalia "Hey, what do mean give up I have the worst out of all of you.I had fainted and I had to crawl under a laser and scoop scoop scoop scoop eat it bake it excite  explode now twinke on your toes."Oh all get that."said Sarah"Hello.Oh hay so hows it going."Sarah!"they all said When Sarah finally hung up her cellphone[Sarah didn't even hang up her cellphone.Jacke had to and break the phone]When they got there it wasn't to late.They still had time and were determind to defeat the principal you know or at least injure him.The principal was making a speech by the time they got there."Hello kids,now before I say anything I want to say something very important.GET READY TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Everyone fainted.Stop there principal.We know what your planning to do.By the way can you tell us your plan just to make sure  were on the same page can you tell us your plan.said Sarah."No" said the principal. They all took a weapon and a shield from there coat.Thalia had a bow and arrows,Jacke had a knives to throw,Sidney didn't have a weapon.She was gonna fight with her arms and legs.Sarah was gonna do the same,and Meggie was gonna use a laser that she found in the principals office.

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