The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


5. It's here

When the girls woke up,they were in chains."What do we do now?"said Thalia"Why bother ."said the principal."I should be going now."As he left,the girls thought of way to get out of the chains.They were just about to give up but just then Jacke saw something in Meggie's pocket. What do you have in your pocket?"said Jacke."Oh that's just my nail file.""Why do you ask ooooooooh caught up now.She took out of her pocket and 20 minutes she was free."Hurry up .I think I saw him hang up the keys behind that painting in the corner."She got the keys and let them free.When they were about to reach the door lasers appeared."Oh no!"What are we going to do!"said Thalia starting to loose hope. "Wait,one of us can probably slide under the laser and turn it off."said Sidney "Ya but that person has to be really skinny." said Thalia "Meggie!!!!!!!!!"they all said at the same time"Fine." said Meggie bummed out.Meggie laided down on her back and the girls pushed her under laser.Meggie got to the other side and turned the lasers off and then they went off to the 

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