The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


1. A Secret Door

Four friends named Sidney,Thalia, Meggie ,and Jacke were decorating the gym for the school prom.''I'm sooooooooo excited for the school prom!''said Sidney.''Sooo am I.''said Thalia sarcastically.''Hey!Where's Sarah!''said Meggie."I'll call her up.''said Jacke.At her house Sarah's phone rang''scoop scoop scoop scoop eat it bake it excite it explode now twinkle on your toes''.''Hello.''said Sarah.''Sarah!''Where are you!''said Jacky like she was gonna explode."I'm at home watching the new G force movie.''said Sarah excited but also worried.WELL GET HERE FAST OR I WILL SQUASH YOUR GUINEA PIG!!!!!!!!'' "OKAY OKAY i'll be right there." By the time Sarah got there they ran out of tape so Thalia went to the supply room.When Thalia got to the supply room she reached for the door knob and then fell as if their was a invisible force field.She tried several times and then figured it would be best if she didn't try again.When Thalia was walking down the hall to get to the gym she started thinking ''why couldn't I touch the door.When Thalia got to gym she totally forgot about the tape!''Hey where's the tape?'' said Sarah wishing she had stayed home."Forget about that." "What's the matter."said Meggie concerned.Thalia told them everything but they didn't believe her at first but when she showed them what she meant they were speechless

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