The School of Mysteries

It is about three girls who learn a seceret about their principal and their school and its up to save the school


4. A new discovery

"So did you guy see or do anything interesting yesterday?"said Sarah to Sidney and Thalia."We decided to erase the memory."said Thalia.The girls kept talking."Hey do you guys want to go to the door as much as I want to?"said Sarah excited."Ya!"said Jacke."I don't know.""What if the principal comes again."said Meggie.The girls some how got her to go.When they got to the school it was locked because it was a Saturday.They started to think of ways to get in."Wait a minute!"said Jacke."What!"said Thalia."Give your hair pin Meggie!""Why?""Just give it to me!" said Jacke in a hurry."Here!"said Meggie annoyed.When she took it she put it in the opened!"Wow!!!!!!!!!!!"When they got in,they went right to the door.They opened the door and went in.The principal had all kinds of things in there.Red buttons,screens,cameras.Everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.They kept on looking around until Sidney found a button that just seemed different."Hey guys!""Come over here!"said Sidney.They all came running in her direction."What!" said Thalia."Look at this!"said Sidney."Should we push it?"said Jacke."Sure."said Thalia.When she pushed it and..................Woosh!They suddenly fell into,like a underground lab."Where are we?"said Sarah"Looks like a lab."said Sidney."Hello ladies, seems like you found out about my lab."said the principal.Everyone fainted.

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