Please Don't Leave Me (A Louis Fan Fiction)

Lizzie, short for Elizabeth is going to a One Direction Concert!! She goes with her two besties in the world, Alice and Bailey! There they meet One Direction! Who will the girls fall for and what will happen? This is my first Fan Fiction ever! Please no hate!
-Directioner, Sarah


6. Chapter 6: Waking Up

Niall's POV:

Her beautiful eyes looked up, they looked surprised. I kept staring at those beautiful brown eyes they could belong to me. I found my princess, she giggled noticing that i was staring the whole time that gorgeous laugh was pleasant just to hear that sound. I was daydreaming how one day she would become my princess until everyone was all around me calling my name. " Daydreaming about your sleeping beauty i see." Louis said. I blushed hard and everyone else laughed except me and Alice. He knew and probably everyone else too. "Are you okay?" Bailey asked. "We were so worried" Lizzie added. "Yeah I'm okay, just I'm a bit surprised that one direction is here. Sorry for making you worry and not telling you that i had selaphobia." She said. I chuckled. "What?" she questioned. "Nothing, but i have a question for you, do you always talk that much?". Before she could even answer Liz and Bailey said "yes! she talks WAY too much!" She blushed when she heard her friends had said that. I think its cute when she does that. After that the doctors made sure she was okay and said that she was aloud to go. As we were walking towards the van that was theirs Liam asked if anyone was hungry and that we could get something too eat. Suddenly i remembered how hungry i was so i said "ME!" At the same time i heard someone else say it too i turned my head at Alice had said it too. "I knew Niall ate a lot but Alice?" Zayn asked. "She eats a lot, I'm telling you!" Bailey warned. "Where should we go?" Liam asked. "NANDOS!" I yelled. So we went there. Alice and I order a lot. I really like this girl. "Hey, want to have a eating contest?" I asked. "Your on!" She answered. When the food came we ate as fast as possible. Guess who won? Alice i can't believe that! My mates and i were shocked! 

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