Please Don't Leave Me (A Louis Fan Fiction)

Lizzie, short for Elizabeth is going to a One Direction Concert!! She goes with her two besties in the world, Alice and Bailey! There they meet One Direction! Who will the girls fall for and what will happen? This is my first Fan Fiction ever! Please no hate!
-Directioner, Sarah


5. Chapter 5: Hospitals, Love and Hope

Alice's POV

When i finally woke up i was in a black dark space. I heard people calling my name i tried to reply but nothing came out. I was scared to death that i had already died.There was no hope by now. I just sat there in a corner crying my eyes out because there was nothing to do. Then i heard a familiar voice and it wasn't the girls. I jumped and he was still talking. He was the love of my life.Niall Horan. The most funniest person in the world. Then i heard something i thought no one was gonna say "There's still hope."

Louis POV

We were singing when i noticed a girl fainted and some other girls in the front row. The girl who was crying looked beautiful and i didn't even know her name. I snapped out of my daydream and remembered that the other girl had fainted. I called security. They said that she probably fainted because of a phobia. Niall and Harry looked like they were also interested in those two other girls. We told the fans or directioners that we have to cancel the show and that everyone will get their money back. We quickly went to the hospital with the girls. On the way they introduced themselves, the girl i quite fancied said her name was Lizzie or Liz short for Elizabeth Taylor. What a beautiful name. The other girl was crying silently and Liz said her name was Bailey Smith. It looked like Harry was interested in her. The girl who had fainted her name was Alice Reed or Ali. Niall was daydreaming, probably about Ali. When we arrived the doctors brought her to a room and we had to wait outside. Finally, we got to go in. Niall went first.

Niall's POV

She looked beautiful. I felt like crying so all i said was "There's still hope." I grabbed her hand and kissed her. I looked at her beautiful face and then her eyes fluttered open and i saw those beautiful brown eyes.

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