Please Don't Leave Me (A Louis Fan Fiction)

Lizzie, short for Elizabeth is going to a One Direction Concert!! She goes with her two besties in the world, Alice and Bailey! There they meet One Direction! Who will the girls fall for and what will happen? This is my first Fan Fiction ever! Please no hate!
-Directioner, Sarah


4. Chapter 4: Concert Time!

Alice's POV

I was in shotgun while Liz was driving. Bailey was in the back. We all looked bored so i put in the Take Me Home Cd. "Live While We're Young" came on. We all sang to the lyrics since we all knew them. Then Liz stopped the music. "I have to tell you guys something" She said putting her serious face on. "What?" I managed to stutter out. I was worried she would say something bad but she smiled and yelled "I got backstage tickets for us too!" Me and Bailey froze then we started screaming our heads off! On the way i took out some crisps i had in my purse. "I don't get why you never get fat."Bailey remarked. Soon when the song finished we arrived and there was SO much screaming! We quickly parked our car and got out. We each carried something so the boys could sign it for us. When we FINALLY got in we went in to our seats. A screen came out and said "ARE YOU READY!" girls everywhere screamed "YES!" "3,2,1, HERE COMES ONE DIRECTION!" They came out I was screaming and trying not to cry cause i had makeup on. Oh, i forgot to tell you i have Selaphobia which is fear of flashing lights. I never told anybody else. Cameras flashing everywhere around me. Next thing you know, i was on the ground fainted.

Lizzie's POV

Alice told you everything right? So i was screaming and was going to tell her that this is unbelievable  until i saw her on the ground. I quickly screamed for security over and over. Bailey had noticed and started freaking out. We both started screaming for help until the boys noticed Alice fainted and us crying our eyes out. They quickly called security. Security came over as fast as possible and put her on a stretcher. They told us and the boys that she probably fainted because of a phobia. We went to a hospital and the show was canceled.

Bailey's POV

I was singing along and now i am LITERARY FREAKING OUT! I JUST AS WANT TO FAINT AS FAST AS POSSIBLE! *BACKGROUND SCREAMING* don't mind that that was me. I feel like barfing too.



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