Please Don't Leave Me (A Louis Fan Fiction)

Lizzie, short for Elizabeth is going to a One Direction Concert!! She goes with her two besties in the world, Alice and Bailey! There they meet One Direction! Who will the girls fall for and what will happen? This is my first Fan Fiction ever! Please no hate!
-Directioner, Sarah


2. Chapter 2: Getting Ready

Bailey's POV

Today is the day we go to the concert. I literally want to scream my head off! I am so excited! Yesterday i already chose an outfit. The girls and I took at least 3 hours to choose our outfit. I put on red lipstick and straighten my blond natural wavy hair. I put mascara on my eyelashes. They went well with my baby blue eyes. This was my outfit.

Alice's POV

I woke up excitedly and took a shower and everything. I put foundation and mascara. God, my brown eyes looked good. I made my straight hair look natural wavy. This was my outfit. I AM SO HUNGRY! I went down and Lizzie was already eatin a bagel and drinking coffee.

Lizzie's POV

I was so hungry when i woke up! I quickly put on my outfit and some red lipstick. I left my wavy hair how it was. This was my outfit:

 I put on a grey beanie on so my hair wouldn't fly everywhere. I hurried down stairs and made myself a bagel and a cup of coffee.Soon Alice came down looking hungry as always and she said "Why didn't you make anything for me?" I replied "Cause i dont feel like it." She stuck her tougue out and so did i. Bailey took forever and we soon would be late. She came down 5 minutes later took a bagel and we left. I can't wait! We will finally meet them! Just yesterday as a surprise i bought us backstage tickets! They are gonna freak out! We got front seat tickets! We got in the van that my parents gave me.

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