Please Don't Leave Me (A Louis Fan Fiction)

Lizzie, short for Elizabeth is going to a One Direction Concert!! She goes with her two besties in the world, Alice and Bailey! There they meet One Direction! Who will the girls fall for and what will happen? This is my first Fan Fiction ever! Please no hate!
-Directioner, Sarah


1. Chapter 1: Introducing The Girls

Lizzie's POV

Hi, I'm Lizzie or Liz short for Elizabeth Taylor. Im 19 years old and a huge directioner! I love them all but my favorite is Louis Tomlinson! I live with my two besties, Alice and Bailey in a flat in London. You could say I'm shy at first then I'm really loud.

Alice's POV

Hey guys! The name is Alice Reed or Ali for short. Like Liz i am 19 and a directioner. My favorite is Niall Horan! My Irish Leprechaun! Anyways, Bailey and Liz are my BFFs! Everyone says I'm just like Niall I'm always hungry and have something with me in my purse to eat. ;) I like to play the guitar and i can speak an Irish accent even though I'm British.

Bailey's POV

Hello I'm Bailey Smith. I'm 18 and the biggest directioner ever! My favorite is Harry Styles and apparently I am a flirt like Harry. Alice and Lizzie barely wear makeup and i wear a bit more than them. We have a band called "Directioners 4ever". We do covers of artists we like and our own songs.

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