Live While we're Young (13+)

Dani loves a good party. She has always been good about getting drunk or "doing it." But what happens when she goes to a party and meets the one and only Harry Styles. Will she break her good girl image? I mean, c'mon, it's HARRY STYLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


1. Fast Foward

 I can't believe I just did that. My parents would kill me if they were still alive.

"Hey babe. C'mon."

"I am sooo sorry. I j-just can't do this."


"N-nothing." He slowly walked up to me and slapped my face.


"D-Did you just say something? I hope you didn't cause I strictly told you to shut up."

"No you didn't." He grabbed my neck with his hand and bit it way harder then how some one is supposed to. I wanted to scream but I just couldn't. I just couldn't. I am never going to do this with a guy ever again. Never hook up with a random guy. I don't deserve this.

A/N: BTW, This is not Harry Styles. This is some random guy that Dani met at a bar and thought was nice and got drunk and hooked up with him. Little did she know, he is a bitch and she wants to get out of it but he is too tough to let her go that easily. This is not the beginning of this story. This is something later in the story. This is a preview. I will probably start the real story tomorrow. If not, I will start on Sunday. Thanks. Peace Homies! :) *Live long and stay strong*

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