The One

Katie hates her life. Since her mum died when she was17 (1 year ago) her dad is a total jerk to her. Will Katie make it through living alone with her dad? Or will someone change her whole life?


1. The Abuser

I quietly tiptoed up the stairs. Not soft enough. "KATIE GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW" i hear dad yell. Wait no. Im not going to call him dad. Ill call him John since thats his name. I go back down the stairs and into the kitchen where John is standing. He has a bottle of beer in his hand and smelled terrible. "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?" He screams at me spraying me with alcohol. "I was at Claires house" i say backing up. "What have i told you? COME HOME STRAIGHT AFTER SCHOOL" he screeches slapping me so hard cross the face i see stars. Then he kicks me in the stomach making me fall to the ground crying the tears spilling onto my messed up face. John grabbed my blonde matted hair and yanked me off the ground. I yelped trying to see through my tears. "Dont you ever do that again" he growled throwing me back into the wall. Then John went back into his room. I stand up and immediately feeling the pain in my ankle. "I need to get out of here" i whisper to myself. I slowly start limping to the door. I open it and begin to walk down the street. "GET BACK HERE" i hear John yell, then i hear him running. I run as fast as i can with my hurt ankle. I dont look where im going i just run. Finally i collapse on the ground at a park, and i black out from pain.
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