The One

Katie hates her life. Since her mum died when she was17 (1 year ago) her dad is a total jerk to her. Will Katie make it through living alone with her dad? Or will someone change her whole life?


4. Harrys Mum

"AHHHHH" someone screamed! I yelped and fell backwards down the stairs. That wasnt going to help my ever growing list of injuries. I held back a scream but let out a squeak. "WHO ARE YOU?" A stout women with curly brown hair shrieked holding up a broom. Then she saw my face, beat up bloodied and the fear in my eyes. Her expression softened slightly. "Mum whats wrong?" Harrys voice said. I saw him come in then he saw me. "Katie what happened!?!?" He said worriedly helping me up. "Harry, dear, who is that?" His mum said in a strained voice. Harry seemed confused but then realized what she meant. "Mum this is Katie." Harry said . "What is she doing here? Who is she" his mum asked lowering her broom. Since i had just fallen down the stairs i was utterly sore so i just wanted to sleep. Harry explained to his mum everything i had told him, about what had happened to me and about my dad. His mum looked horrified. "Dear, please forgive me! You can stay with us as long as you need." His mum said coming down stairs. "Let me make you some tea and you should get some bed rest!" "Okay, and thank you" i said. I realized i was exhausted. I went into my bedroom and once i touched the bed i was out like a light.
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